Recent News from our Activities in Puerto Rico

Miercoles, 12 de Diciembre de 2018

This day has been one of the best climates in Puerto Rico in the past months. Sunny for the whole island with mild and laminar winds entering all the coasts. Many of the Kamikaze pilots could not take advantage of it because of personal commitments. But there were two pilots who did, and how! It Read more about Miercoles, 12 de Diciembre de 2018[…]

👉🏼Improvements of Vittorazi Moster Plus Engine 2019👈🏼

Here are the details of the improvements that the people of Vittorazi are making to their “bulletproof” engine, the “Moster”… MOSTER185 PLUS MY’ 2019 – MANUAL AND DUAL STARTER 👉🏼The new Air Box System👈🏼 It’s SAFER, because it’s in suspension on the rubber and integrated into the engine. The position of the air inlet intake Read more about 👉🏼Improvements of Vittorazi Moster Plus Engine 2019👈🏼[…]

Sabado, 08 de diciembre de 2018

The official activity of Team Kamikazes for this day was suspended due to weather conditions. Instead, we advice the Kamikaze pilots for those who could arrive early at the Lajas Valley to fly in the fog. This is something very hard for many pilots who live far away but, for those who could, it was Read more about Sabado, 08 de diciembre de 2018[…]

Jueves, 06 de Diciembre de 2018

We returned again early to the Southwest of Puerto Rico. This time we went to the grounds of Don José Sánchez and his son Damian, pilots of the Kamikazes Team. This locates in PR116 in Lajas. The conditions were the same as yesterday, although with a little less fog. There is no wind and the Read more about Jueves, 06 de Diciembre de 2018[…]

Miercoles, 05 de Diciembre de 2018

Windy days in Puerto Rico. For this reason Luis Ruiz decided to leave early in the morning, to take a private flight. The place, the land of Freddy Rental in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. There the wind conditions are slow to rise, it is estimated that you can fly until 9 AM with some luck and Read more about Miercoles, 05 de Diciembre de 2018[…]

Domingo, 02 de Diciembre de 2018

Again we went back to “Rancho Grande” of Anasco. The winds on the coasts are strong and in Anasco we always have a pleasant place of flights when conditions are strong. Luis Ruiz arrived at around 10:30 AM and from there, part of the Kamikazes family arrived through the island. Family Kamikazes present: • Luis Read more about Domingo, 02 de Diciembre de 2018[…]

Sabado, 01 de Diciembre de 2018

Today was an eventful day, and we had to use options A, B and C to be able to fly. It turns out that the day’s plans were to meet in “Parque del Norte” of Hatillo.  But the plans had to change because the municipality of Hatillo had a big activity in the area and Read more about Sabado, 01 de Diciembre de 2018[…]

Jueves, 29 de Noviembre de 2018

The excellent climate continues and we continue to take advantage of it, this time the route took us to places we had not flown before. Omar Román and Luis Ruiz met at noon at the place known as “El Caracol” at the intersection of Dorado en route to Levittown. There we had to take off Read more about Jueves, 29 de Noviembre de 2018[…]

Miercoles, 28 de Noviembre de 2018

Excellent weather conditions continue for all of Puerto Rico to fly all day if necessary. This time we went early to Parque del Norte on Hatillo to realize the fly with friends seeking to live experience of the paramotor flight. The Kamikazes pilots Omar Román, Alex Diaz and Luis Ruiz arrived early. Also the passenger Read more about Miercoles, 28 de Noviembre de 2018[…]

Domingo, 25 de Noviembre de 2018

Back in business…, the excellent flight conditions continue and we arrived at the Parque del Norte in Hatillo. The pilots who went to Isabela yesterday took a break today except for Luis Ruiz and Omar Román. Yesterday was strong and today Luis have hard flies again. Kamikaze family present: • Luis Ruiz and his wife Read more about Domingo, 25 de Noviembre de 2018[…]

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