Consultancy Agreement Template Germany

Do you want to protect your company`s interest and intellectual property through consulting contracts? UpCounsel employs only top corporate lawyers from Harvard and Yale and has several consulting contract resources that you can verify. 10.1 The amount and nature of the levy are in principle set in individual contracts. If no provision has been made, the following rates apply: “Partner 250 Euro/hour,” project manager 200 euros/hour, “Senior advisor 175 euros per hour,” advise 150 euros/hour, other (research, assistance, presentation preparation) 80 euros/hour, rates are understood excluding legal VAT and flat fee for incidental costs after . Hourly rates apply to both working and travel times. 10.2 If the term of the contract exceeds 12 months and TMC charges the fees, royalty rates increase by 3% at the beginning of each new year of contract after the contract is concluded.10.3 Unless otherwise agreed, incidental costs amount to 15% of net sales. Ancillary costs include travel to Germany, as well as the necessary access fees to research institutes (databases, application fees, etc.), communication and office fees. Transportation costs are not included and are charged by the nearest TMC subsidiary to the customer in accordance with point 10.1. The rental and use of electronic databases, specialized databases and/or other agreed external services are also not included. Ancillary fees are charged with fees.10.4 Agreed payments must be paid as soon as they have been billed and before the start of the service and are billed by TMC with the nearest consulting services. If other payments are agreed, TMC will charge them in a timely manner, so there will be no disruption to advisory services.10.5 Other fee invoices must be paid after receipt by the Customer and within seven calendar days. If the expiry of an agreed fixed fee depends on the presentation of agreed results, it will also be if the client does not accept the results processed on time (for example.B.

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