Hire Purchase Agreement Act 1967

The tenant in a lease-sale agreement may, if informed in writing by the owner of his intention to do so, on the day or before the date covered by the notice, to proceed with the purchase of the merchandise by paying or by giving a notice of purchase to the owner of the net balance of the contract. The landlord sends the tenant, within fourteen days of receiving a written request, by the tenant, a declaration signed by that person or his agent, stating: any person who, through the sale or sale of goods contained in a tenancy agreement, transmits to the tenant a declaration signed by that person or his agent. , or by the removal of goods, or by other means, fraud or attempt to deceive the owner, is guilty of an offence under this Act and is punishable by a conditional sentence of up to ten thousand ringgit or a prison sentence for no more than three years or both. – Section 38 (ii) at any time after notification of the written statement referred to in point (i), but prior to the conclusion of the lease agreement, to provide the rental landlord with a properly completed written statement signed by both the landlord and the potential owner, in accordance with the form established in Part II of the second calendar. 3. For the purposes of this part of this Act, a person becomes the purchaser of a motor vehicle if and at the time a decision of the vehicle is made; and a person is considered a purchaser of a vehicle without notice of a lease or conditional sales contract if, at the time of the order made to him, he is not actually informed that the vehicle is or has been the subject of such an agreement. “rental contract,” a contract other than a conditional sales contract under which, within fourteen days of the conclusion of a lease agreement, the landlord places a copy of the contract on the tenant and guarantors – s.5 (1) and “private buyer” a buyer who does not engage in such activity at the time of the order made to him. It is a credit purchase system in which the seller of the commodity is considered a trader, the buyer as a tenant and the financial company as the owner. The property of the goods purchased during the rental sale is not given to the tenant at the time of the rental agreement or at the time of the delivery of the goods.

Ownership of the goods remains in the hands of the landlord until the tenant has paid the full price agreed in the tenancy agreement. (a) that the vehicle was leased on bail or (in Scotland) as part of a lease agreement or sold under a conditional sales contract and 1) If the owner made a false presentation in the negotiations that led to the tenancy agreement, the tenant has the right to terminate the contract and sue for damages – Section 8(1)a).

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