Nuclear Accord Agreement

October 14, 2015: Iran`s Guardian Council ratifies the bill approved by Parliament and completes Iran`s internal review of the agreement. The Americans say they prevented Iran from buying a nuclear weapon. You know that is not true. We had a fatwa (religious judgment) in which we declared nuclear weapons banned by Islamic law. It had nothing to do with the nuclear talks. [382] Republican leaders promised to try to kill the deal as soon as it was released, even before secret sections were made available to Congress, and “Republican lawmakers ran to send press releases criticizing it.” [295] According to the Washington Post, “most Republicans in Congress remained deeply skeptical, some overtly dismissive, the prospect of lifting economic sanctions, while all Iranian uranium enrichment capabilities remained intact.” [296] Mitch McConnell said that the agreement “seems to be far behind the goal we all thought we would achieve, that Iran would not be a nuclear state.” [296] According to a New York Times analysis, Republican opposition to the agreement “seems to have emerged from a genuine aversion to the details of the agreement, an intrinsic distrust of President Obama, an intense loyalty to Israel, and a global vision of the role that sanctions have played beyond the prevention of Iran`s nuclear capabilities.” [295] The Washington Post identified 12 issues related to the agreement on which both parties disagreed, including the effectiveness of inspections at unreported sites; Effectiveness of snapback sanctions; The importance of the limits of enrichment; The importance of the IAEA`s ancillary agreements; The effectiveness of inspections of military sites; The consequences of leaving an agreement; and the consequences of lifting sanctions. [268] [h] August 15, 2015: The IAEA confirms that Iran has provided documents and statements to address the Agency`s unresolved concerns about previous activities that may be related to the development of nuclear weapons. October 20, 2015: The Supreme Leader makes a statement including the nuclear agreement and the Iranian Parliament`s bill. August 26, 2020: Iran declares its readiness to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to two sites that are not part of Iran`s declared nuclear program in order to support the IAEA`s investigation into possible undeclared nuclear activities and materials by Tehran before 2003.

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