Residential Tenancy Agreement New Zealand

A landlord must keep the following documents for 12 months after the end of the lease: It is a good idea to use a flatsharing contract. Legislation reforming and refixing the Rent Act, relating to the definition of the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants of residential real estate, the creation of a court to quickly decide disputes between landlords and tenants, the creation of a fund in which these tenants must keep debt to be paid , and the repeal of the 1955 Rent Act and the 1973 Rent Act and their amendments, despite the subsection (4), the tenant may remove all devices at the expiry or expiry of the tenancy agreement. When the tenant – the names, addresses or telephone numbers of persons who are or may be owners or occupants of residential buildings that are available or are likely to be rented; or the rent to be paid for a tenancy agreement should not be increased. The lessor must not have authorized the tenant to remain in possession or have waived the right to a breach of the tenant`s obligations under this Act simply because the lessor accepts the payment of the rent for a period after the termination of the lease. The notice without notice is less than the minimum prescribed in paragraph 1 or (depending on the case) subsection (2) may, with the agreement of the other party or (if this agreement is not reached), give the other party additional notice amending the first notification in order to postpone the necessary termination period to a minimum. At the landlord`s request, the court may terminate a tenancy agreement if it is satisfied that the tenant has abandoned the premises and that the rent is late. a tenancy agreement or an amendment or renewal of a tenancy agreement entered into before the lease began: the other party has committed a breach of one of the provisions of the tenancy agreement (including the provisions relating to the payment of rent) or this act; and if a tenant, after the termination or termination of the lease, remains in the occupancy of the premises, all the tenant`s obligations remain in effect, as if the lease lasted until the tenant no longer occupies the dwelling. In order to avoid any doubt, the liability of a tenant in paragraph 2 may be fulfilled if the rental agreement provides for it or if the tenant and landlord agree to carry out repair work for the destruction or damage up to a value of the liability limit in the subsection (3).

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