Withholding Tax Clause In Agreement

All amounts paid to another (the beneficiary) under this clause 1 or for the purposes of this clause 1 are paid and exempt from any deduction or withholding, unless required by law. Where a deduction or withholding of a payment under this [agreement] is required by law, the payer, except for the late interest covered in the [clause no. of the agreement], must pay the beneficiary [at the same time as the payment] that additional amount which, after deduction or withholding [and after taking into account a credit related to that deduction or withholding] ], would have the same amount as that which he would have received in the absence of such a deduction obligation. . Agreement Title: CONTRACT OF LIVRAISON-RUSS BERRIE AND ENTREPRISES, INC. MODIFICATION OF CONTROL SEVERANCE PLAN Agreement Type: Delivery Agreement Parties: RUSS BERRIE CO INC | Bachem, Inc., document date: 15.03.2004: New York . Agreement Title: DEVELOPPEMENT, PRODUCTION AND SUPPLY AGREEMENT Type: Production Agreement Parties: Kensey Nash Corporation | BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals Inc. Document Date: 02/10/2006 Source of the doctrine of separation of powersThe origins of doctrine often date back to John Locke`s second act of government (1689), in which he separately designated the “executive” and “legislative” powers. … it may be too great a temptation for human frailty to agree.

. Agreement Title: SUPPLY AGREEMENT Type: Supply Agreement Parties: MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC | In Flash Singapore, LLP | Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd Document Date: 10.04.2007 . Agreement Title: Unoprostone Exclusive Manufacturing Supply Agreement Type: Manufacturing Agreement Parties: SUCAMPO PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. | R Tech Ueno, Ltd Document Date: 05/11/2009 Applicable legislation: Delaware Agreement Title: AMENDED AND RESTATED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND SUPPLY AGREEMENT Type: Manufacturing Agreement: Antitigenics Inc | Cambridge Biotech Corporation | GLAXOSMITHKLINE BIOLOGICALS SA Document Date: 11.05.2009 Applicable law: Delaware . . . Accord: Delivery Agreement-Federal Signal Corporation Supplemental Agreement Type: Supply Agreement Parties: BMO Capital Markets Financing, Inc. | Federal Signal Corporation | Federal Signal Europe BV Document Date: 27.02.2008: Illinois . ..

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