Confidentiality Agreement Gdpr Compliant

The Controller acknowledges and agrees that all personal data that the Controller uploads as part of the Service, such as.B. personal data posted online concerning the Controller`s own customers, may be transferred to a third party (processor) established in the European Economic Area (EEA) for hosting the Service, including the provision of all the equipment, I am not talking about that. Infrastructure, data storage and communication lines. The obligations of the third party with regard to personal data are set out in a separate data processing agreement between the processor and the third party under this data processing agreement. All service data is stored on servers in Europe. (a) protect and protect the confidentiality of all such confidential information with at least the same diligence as you would protect your own confidential information, but with respect to personal data within the meaning of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EDPR), in no case with less diligence than required by the GDPR; The processor processes personal data only on and in accordance with the instructions of the controller. The processor shall not process personal data without prior written consent with the controller or without written instructions from the controller, which go beyond what is necessary to fulfil its obligations towards the controller of the agreement. CONSIDERING that the parties agree to accept the disclosure of this information on a confidential basis. 1.1.9 “services” means services provided on the basis of the agreement/agreements concluded by the parties. Those conditions shall govern the protection of personal data exchanged between the parties within the framework and for the purposes of the cooperation agreement concluded or to be concluded. All conditions are bilateral for the parties.

1.1.3 “data protection supervisory authority” means the supervisory authority or other competent authority responsible for monitoring the application of the personal data protection law in connection with the processing under this Agreement. Cooperation agreements have been concluded between the parties under certain conditions and arrangements established therein. The processor will keep confidential all personal data and other confidential information. The subcontractor shall ensure that any employee of the subcontractor, whether employee or employee, has access to or participates in the processing of personal data within the framework of the MSA, (i) is informed and complies with the obligations of this data processing agreement. The obligation of confidentiality remains valid one year after the end of the MSA or this data processing agreement. . . .

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