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As regards the prevention of accumulation risks, it is difficult to conclude reinsurance contracts with other insurance undertakings operating in neighbouring regions. Therefore, reinsurance companies that re-insure, in practice, the risks of natural disasters in Japan are limited to insurance companies abroad. Therefore, when we talk about the natural disaster of the great earthquake in eastern Japan and insurance, we obviously have to talk about reinsurance. Almost all of us have insurance. If your insurer gives you the insurance document, all you do is usually take a look at the decorated words in the policy and stack it with the other financial titles on your desk, right? If you spend thousands of dollars on insurance every year, don`t you think you should know everything about it? Your insurance advisor is always there to help you understand the tricky conditions of insurance forms, but you also need to know for yourself what your contract says. In this article, we make it easy for you to read your insurance contract so that you understand their fundamental principles and how they are used in everyday life. Insurance: a contract, represented by a policy, in which a natural or legal person benefits from protection or financial reimbursement from an insurance company. The company pools customer risks to make payments more affordable for policyholders. The application adjudicated interpreted the Master Directive as a binding agreement between Trisura and all members to whom certificates had been issued. Since Mr. Van Huizen and Mr. Barkley each had certificates under the master`s policy, the plaintiff judge incorrectly found that they were both “insured” and were entitled to coverage.

Motor vehicle liability insurance: Agreements in which the advisor uses one or more vehicles to supplement the workload may require proof of motor vehicle liability insurance. An insurance contract consists of four fundamental elements: A) Insurance: here are the written statements you make on your application form that represent the proposed risk to the insurance company. For example, on a life insurance application form, information about your age, family history details, occupation, etc., are the representations that should be true in all respects. There is no breach of insurance unless you have false information in important statements (e.g.B. Your age). However, the contract may or may not be invalid depending on the nature of the misrepresentation that occurs If, for example, you are injured in a traffic accident caused by the reckless driving of another party, you will be compensated by your insurer. . .


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