Safe Third Country Agreement El Salvador

Gender-based violence, including violence against women and girls and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity, is widespread in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. [109] Abuses against women and girls in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are endemic, deeply rooted in social norms, and compounded by widespread violence and impunity in these countries. [110] Despite some reform efforts in Guatemala, such as. In the specialized women`s courts and special units within the Attorney-General`s Office, enormous obstacles remain for women seeking police, investigative or judicial protection through the courts. Although the ACA implementation plans for the summer of 2019 indicated that UNHCR would operate a “health centre” in Guatemala for transfers, no such centre has been set up. [41] Indeed, UNHCR said it was “gravely concerned” that the ACA “could lead to the transfer of particularly vulnerable people to countries where they could be exposed to mortal risks.” [42] Agreements signed by the United States with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras require migrants heading to the United States to first seek protection in those countries. . . .

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