The Umass Agreement

As described in the “Protect Myself” section of the agreement, students are expected to test for 19 viruses before arriving on campus or immediately after arrival, if they notice symptoms or have been informed, upon request, that they are in close contact with someone who has tested positive. Students should be attentive to symptoms and report to the university`s health services if they notice any symptoms. According to the agreement, students should participate in testing and contact follow-ups “in order to preserve the health of the community,” as well as leaving their homes or residences, “participation in personal classes, maintenance of necessary stores, work, shopping and dining, health care, outdoor activities, and other necessary academic or personal affairs.” Students must limit their personal travel outside of Amherst and cannot accommodate outside visitors. The agreement encourages students to develop an “isolation and quarantine plan” before returning to campus and to “put together a go-kit if they need to be isolated or quarantined and cannot return to my room.” While students have an obligation to avoid crowded spaces, the agreement states that students “do not organize, organize or participate in meetings and parties where social distancing is not possible. [You] will withdraw from the Assembly immediately upon an order from the Amherst Police Service, your local police departments or the UMass Police Department.¬†Anyone who chooses to live on campus, take attendance classes, and/or access Dining Commons should sign the UMass agreement. Although no immediate action is required, please check and understand the commitments described in the agreement, so that you become familiar with them when it is published on Speyer as a required “to do”. Let us be clear: we do not accept these revolting demands as legitimate acts of negotiation and they must stop. We call on the government to return to the bargaining table in good faith and respect our main contract and six COVID-19 agreements. In our agreements negotiated during years of contract negotiations and months of daily negotiations during COVID-19, the administration must exchange financial information and discuss with us a number of alternative cost-cutting measures. Together, we demand that UMass Amherst abides by its agreements with us…

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