Victorian Tafe Teachers Agreement 2018

Fortress Learning has been offering TAA/TAE qualifications for teachers at TAFE Victoria and beyond for a decade. Graduates appreciated the structured professional reflection process that reinforces our approach to making these qualifications available. “This agreement is a huge gain for Victoria`s TAFEs and the communities that depend on it,” said Meredith Peace, President of the Victorian Branch of the AEU. “The previsation of teachers is one of the main problems of TAFEs. Ms Peace said TAFE`s Victorian teachers “will become the lowest paid in the country as a result of this deal”. The Victorian TAFE requires teachers to get four elements to move up to level 2. Charles Sturts Associate Degree and Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education now meet the requirements of the Victorian TAFE for teachers to achieve a salary level. Since the end of 2018, the Institute has required teachers to have an approved Australian Level 5 or Level 6 qualification framework, which meets four key criteria to enable progress, in line with the Victorian TAFE Teaching Staff Agreement 2018. A new salary agreement allows TAFE teachers to get an overall salary increase of 23.7 percent over four years. Under the TAFE agreement, teachers will receive a salary increase of 5.4% by 2021, followed by 2.7% every six months. In addition, a considerable number of casual workers will be eligible for conversion into permanent full-time jobs.

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