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Nevertheless, both sides were ready to stop the carnage. “An invasion of Germany would have required too much morality, logistics and resources,” says Guy Cuthbertson of Liverpool Hope University and author of Peace at Last: A Portrait of Armistice Day, November 11, 1918. Further: “Where would it stop? Berlin is far from France. Instead, “it was necessary to end the war as soon as possible, as long as the Allies could achieve peace through victory.” Although reports of the impending ceasefire had spread among the forces at the front in the previous hours, fighting in many parts of the front continued until the agreed time; at 11.m there was a spontaneous fraternization between the two parties. But in general, reactions have been moderate. A British corporal reported: “. the Germans came out of their trenches, bowed to us, and then left. In the agreement, signed in June, defeated Germany was forced to agree to harsh conditions, including the payment of reparations, which eventually amounted to $37 billion (nearly $492 billion today). This humiliation and the persistent bitterness it caused paved the way for another world war two decades later. On 3 October 1918, the liberal Prince Maximilian of Baden was appointed Federal Chancellor (Prime Minister) and replaced Georg von Hertling in negotiating an armistice. [4] After lengthy discussions with the emperor and assessments of the political and military situation in the Reich, the German government sent a message to President Wilson on October 5, 1918 to negotiate terms based on a recent speech by him and the previously stated “Fourteen Points.” .

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