SkyMax Star EOS100


The SkyMax EOS100 ICI is a perfect unit to pilots that looks to have a great combination of Lightness and Reliability. Suit perfect for pilots from 100 to 170 pounds. The SkyMax Star Frame is made completely in Titanium and Carbon materials. The engine has 20.5 HP at 9,400 rpm. Complete Weight of the Unit 37 Pounds


SkyMax Paramotors is part of a company, specialized on manufacturing products for nuclear, oil and gas, aerospace industries. We use the most advance technologies and high spec machinery for precise manufacturing. Each paramotor and its frame undergoes rigorous quality control checks during every stage of production.

Lightweight and rigidity are achieved by using unique frame design, as well as using titanium and aircraft grade aluminum — materials widely used in aerospace industries.

This new frame. The STAR. More robust and second to none in structural rigidity. Fully made in Titanium and Carbon, and comes with a polymer Gas tank with capacity of 4 gallons of gas (15 liters).

Dismount capacity in minutes for long or international travels and could be fitted in a normal briefcase.

Here is some information about  our core product – the SkyMax Star frame:

Technical characteristics:

  • Net weight 4,7 kg (5,1 kg including fuel tank)
  • Cage diameter 1412 mm
  • Frame material — air-craft grade aluminum,
  • Cage, horns and rods material — titanium.
  • Soft fuel tank for 15l (18l as an option)
  • Net material — Dyneema
  • Horns — S-type
  • Throttle – Vittorazi
  • Torque compensation System installed as standard
  • Cross Bar Weight Shift System installed as standard

Why does pilots choose SkyMax Star?

  • lightest in it’s class — 5.1 kg incl. fuel tank
  • most rigid due to the shape and materials used
  • soft fuel tank — light, strong, no smell, fuel economy
  • any paramotor engine can be installed
  • Torque Compensation System
  • Cross Bar Weight Shift System
  • elegant appearance
  • suitable for beginners and experts
  • reasonably priced

What is Included…

1 x 1.25m E-Prop 2-blade carbon propeller

1 x TTO Tach/Hour Gauge
1 x TTO Temp Gauge
1 x Power Float Inflation 2B-Sure


About the engine, EOS 100cc

Lightweight and compact construction: In comparison with the competition in the same displacement class or similar, the Engine is very light, compact, pleasant and compact with the use of materials of the highest quality. Well manufactured in every detail by using the most modern techniques with an intelligent constellation of components that work perfectly together.

The crankshaft, the steering wheel and perfectly balanced axles they worry about a low vibration. Cooling the fan prevents the motor from overheating and allows long-term racing at maximum power. Power and push: Despite the small size and the low comparable weight, the moderate compression ratio.

For a long and durable life, the motor creates an optimal thrust and a large amount of power.

The EOS 100 Booster is a 102 cc and 21.5 HP (9,500 rpm) engine.

Compression ratio 10.2 to 1. Weight 9.67 Kg (21.27 Lbs) with silencer and “Airbox” included ready to mount.

Helix Rotation – Counter Clock hands. Helico wood 125cm or Carbon 125 / 130cm Dimensions – 57x34x25cm

Maximum Revolution – Eos100 Booster – 9,500 rpm Spark plug – NGK BR9ES or NGK BR10ES

Additional information

Power Inflation Device

No, Yes

TTO Temp/RPM/Hours

No, Yes

Net Color

Yellow, Red, Blue

Hand Throttle

Right, Left


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