Vittorazi Custom Titanium Exhaust

$645.00 $615.00

Tired of being on ground due a fail in your iron exhaust of your Vittorazi Moster engine? Well, check this out, could be a major advance to correct the situation and for have a more enjoyable experience in the sport.

NEW SkyMax Custom TITANIUM Exhaust for replace Iron exhaust in the Vittorazi Moster engines. Works on older and new version MY-19. It weighs just 3.6 pounds versus 7.0 pounds from Iron exhaust in the Vittorazi Moster and 8.0 pounds of other Custom Iron Exhaust. A 3.4 pounds to 4.5 pounds lighter in your back…. 🙄🙄

It comes ready to be assembly with no major input.

We include a 6 month warranty and Free Shipping to USA.

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