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Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico is One of the Biggest and most Respected Paramotor Schools in USA. Also, the ONLY Certified School in Puerto Rico, ALMA MATER of mostly ALL of the Paramotor Pilots in the Island. The School was founded in 2002 and today, 22 !!! years later, hundreds of pilots have been graduated from it and counting... We work hand to hand with USPPA to make sure the best learning process is achieve. Also we use the most recognized and reliable brands in the Industry. We OPEN ALL YEAR! in excellent Caribbean weather. Give us a chance!!! And start a new way of looking the Life (from Above). Blessings!!! 🙂.

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Honoring Great People - We are Blessed to have them in our Team...THE CORE💪💪

Alberto Sabah

Instructor Assistant
Alberto Sabah, is one of the Leader of the Team Kamikazes. Always bringing help to everyone. Also a great pilot with good knowledge of the Sport.

Darwin Hernandez

Instructor Assistant
One of the Best Paramotor Pilot in the island. And also one of the most actives. He use a Parajet Maverick Paramotor with a Speedy Flow RPM glider in his adventures around the island.

David Garber

Instructor USPPA
David is simply one of the Best Paramotor Pilot in the USA. He visited and work with the school from November to April, hand to hand with Luis Ruiz.

Deron Freeman

Instructor Assistant
Deron resides in Connecticut, USA. But each time that has the opportunity, he comes to fly in the Paradise of Puerto Rico.

Edgardo Rivera

Instructor Asisstant
The most energetic pilot of the Team. Edgardo is always looking to fly. Also a extreme contributor to anyone that need helps in the Sport.

Fio Lopez

Instructor Assistant
Fio Lopez, always with a smile and looking to have a long and safe career in the sport. Also make some cinematographic videos for all presents. Very active in the last year with more than 30 flights.

Hermes Ferrer

Instructor Assistant
Hermes is a good Paramotor Pilot, and have been with Team Kamikazes for some years. Always pending to help everyone that need a hand.

Ian Darrell Gonzalez

Instructor Assistant and Tandem Pilot
The son of Luis Ruiz, have been flying since his 12 years old. Now has 21, and help Luis with the Demo Flights of people looking to Live the Experience of Fly.

Luis Ruiz

Instructor USPPA
Luis founded the school of Team Kamikazes in 2002. From there hundreds of pilots have been graduated from the school and counting.

Mario Muniz

Instructor Assistant
Mario is one of the more active pilots in the last 2 years. Together with his wife Ivonne, they are always looking to help everyone.

Nixon Porrata

Instructor Assistant
Nixon was the most active pilot in the Team for some years. Now he lives in USA, but we are waiting for his return and his daily flights. He has the Record of altitude in PR, 13,131 ft.

Noel Vale

Instructor Assistant
Noel is one of the veteran of the Team. Have been flying for long years. Beside flying Paramotors he loves to jog and make exercises. And always looking to help to everyone that need a hand.

Omar Colon

Instructor Assistant
Omar is always pending to help everyone in the Team. A great Paramotor pilot that always fly with music, enjoying the sport to the fullest. Also is a great photographer.

Pablo Cruz

Instructor Assistant
Pablo is one of the veteran of the Team with more than 15 years in the sport. Have been helping Luis since the creation of the school. And always is looking to help everyone that need a hand in the sport.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Instructor Assistant
Ricardo is one of the most active Pilot in the last 10 years. And always is helping everyone that need a hand in the sport.

Sammy Badillo

Instructor Assistant
Sammy have been very active in the Sport in the last 4 years. He is one of out Top mechanics. And always is pending to help everyone in the sport.

Wilkins Torres

Assistant Instructor
Wilkins and Brenda, from Villalba, have been one of the new Faces of Team Kamikazes. A great family and Friends, helping everyone that need a hand.


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