Week activities from November 16 – 19, 2021 – Lajas and Cabo Rojo.

With the arrival of the international pilot Eliseo Nogueras and his wife Jessica to Puerto Rico, we continued planning activities. The North Coast presented strong winds for the next few days, so the alternative of going to Lajas Valley was gaining strength.

Tuesday, November 16

Eliseo’s birthday, and with this we went very early to the Omar airstrip (Lajas Air Park) on the PR305 of Lajas. We were there at sunrise and ready to fly. Eliseo would use Luis’s SkyMax Moster, while Luis would go flying with his wife Jessica on a Trike.

Luis Taken Off with Jessica

Both took off without major problems and Eliseo had the opportunity to fly over “La Parguera” from where he prepared an excellent video, which best describes what he experienced that morning. While Luis went to fly with Jessica and after about 10 minutes of flight they had to go down before some strange sounds on his engine. The manual starter rope was being pulled by the propeller 😑…,. So although we were able to contemplate the mist of the Valley, it was a short flight.

Luis is Landing after some unexpected situations with engine.

From there we leave in direction to Cabo Rojo. There, Luis took Eliseo and his wife to walk the beautiful area of the Salty Beach and Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Of which both were very impressed. We will try to see if it is possible to fly that area later in the week 🙂.

Eliseo, flying over Majestic Parguera.

Also that day, the international pilot Mario Rivera arrived to the island to fly with Team Kamikazes. Mario is also a professional skydiver who often land his parachutes into stadiums in the USA.

Wednesday, November 17

Again we returned to the Lajas Valley. This time, together with Luis Ruiz, Eliseo and Jessica, we were also accompanied by John, who made the trip all the way from Dorado😲 !, and Darwin Hernández who arrived last night on the island from Texas, and from once was ready to live the experiences of the Lajas Valley.

Again, the conditions were with zero wind, fog and in order to fly, you had to earn your flight by running. Eliseo and Darwin take off without a problem, and Luis took John with him on the Trike as part of his training. This time the Trike’s engine worked perfectly and they were flying around for 40 minutes. Darwin took the opportunity to fly all the way to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, while Eliseo enjoyed the fog in the area and flew for more than an hour through the area.

Friday, November 19

And for the third day of the week, we returned to the Lajas Valley again. Winds of 20 mph + continue on the north coast of the island. This time the pilots present were Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell, Darwin Hernández and Eliseo with his wife Jessica. The ultralight pilots William and Arnaldo also arrived, to fly their Quick Silver in the area.

Luis, Ian, Darwin and Eliseo went flying with zero wind takeoffs. In the case of Luis and Eliseo, they both flew directly to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, and the Salty Beach with the sun hitting their backs looked spectacular 🙏!

Eliseo flying over Cabo Rojo Harbor Light.

A little later Darwin and Ian arrived flying to Boquerón. They were all flying for more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. Back in the Lajas Valley, they continued en route to the town of Guanica before returning to land. It was a great flight day.

Darwin at Parguera, Lajas.

Tomorrow Saturday, Eliseo must travel back to the USA, but we will try to make one more flight, this time on the coast of Isabela


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