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PROFESSIONALISM, ETHICS AND HONESTY is our North. Give us a chance to prove it and see why we are the right choice for your entry to this fascinating sport and way of Life… We train at your pace. That means you could be flying very soon if you have the attitude.

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Live the experience!😜

Don’t have any experience?, No problem…, Just Fly accompanied with the Instructor and enjoy the experience, also you could carry your own camera and record your unforgettable moment. Just Call at (787)717-2384 to coordinate it, and in a few days you could have this awesome experience.

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We simply use the BEST for our community of pilots that fly almost every day. And most important. The BEST prices and Value for the money that you could find. SECOND TO NONE… Check our prices and compare… (787)717-2384.

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Our Support… The Girls!🙋‍♂️

Without them, this adventure could not be possible. They bring, week after week, their support to our pilots and activities. This little space is dedicated to honor their service to bring the best of us. Thanks ❤️!!!!

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Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico. One of the Biggest and most Respected Paramotor schools in USA. We OPEN ALL YEAR! thanks to our excellent Caribbean weather. The school was created in 2002 and today, sixteen years later, hundreds of pilots have been graduated from it and counting... We develop good techniques at Low and High intensity winds, and in the ways of launch and land in different situations. Also, Tandems flights are available to people that just want to Live the Experience... Puerto Rico is a paradise for all paramotor pilots who looks to escape the Cold weather of their Countries. We are a Proud Dealer of the most recognized and reliable brands in the market. Give a try!!! Let us know, and start a new way of Life 🙂

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Luis Ruiz

CEO Parapentepr.Inc – Instructor USPPGA 1358
Founder of Team Kamikazes CEO of Parapentepr.Inc. Instructor of the Team. Member of Kamikazes ELITE Pilots

Berto Garcia

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Anasco PR
Berto started his PPG career by April/2010. From this time he has been very active in all our activities. He fly also in Dominican Republic, and have in his record some amazing flights. He also fly Quick Silver Airplanes.

Carlos Candido Rodriguez CC

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Cayey PR
Carlos Cándido, better know as CC, is an special guy. He has a lot of positives attributes. And always is looking for help others to fulfill their dreams. He lives in Cayey with his wife Wilma and sons CC Jr., Valeria and Fabo.

Chey Sanchez

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Anasco PR
One of the Technician of the Team. Good level and ability to fly his paramotor. He is married with Arlene Mendez, who also is very active in the activities of the Team.

David Silva

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Dorado PR
David started in the sport in March/2013. A lovely character that always is in good vibes and is very active in the activities of the Team. He lives in Dorado and is married with Elsie.

Eduardo Pabon

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Barceloneta PR
Eduardo made his debut in the Sport in January 2011. He is married with Esther, both are very actives in the Team activities. Has a record for a fly from Levittown to Juana Diaz in Sept/2012.

Gregory Santiago

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Cayey PR
Gregory made his first “Solo” fly by March/2015. Right now is one of the more skilled pilots of the Team. He help Luis with the Tandem Flights to people looking to live the experience of paramotor. He is married with Iveyra.

Ismael de Leon

ELITE – 5 Stars Pilot – Patillas PR
Ismael “Maelo” de León, great gentlemen, lives in Patillas with his wife Maritza and 2 sons. He loves to make long “Cross” flights and have a good skills for the sport.

Juan Carlos Correa

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Luquillo PR
Named JC, is a special guy. Love the long “Cross” flights. Always have a good visualization in the way the things move in the world. He comes to the sport after have some time running motorbike with his 2 sons.

Tiza Lopez

ELITE and 4 Stars Pilot – Fajardo PR
Luis “Tiza” López, excellent gentlemen, started in the sport by May/2012. Tiza have a big family and a lot of responsibilities in his work. But when he have free time always comes to fly with us. Lives in Fajardo.

Michael Diaz

ELITE and 4 Star Pilot – Juncos PR
Michael is a Character guy. He is always looking to help everyone. Has a lot of knowledge and experience in other sports. He started his career in March 2018. And right now have some interesting Cross Flights with the Team. He use an SkyMax Corsair BD Paramotor and a Apco Lift EZ.

Nixon Porrata

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – San German PR
Nixon started in the sport in February/2008. He has some notables National Records as the most altitude achieve in a paramotor. 13,131 ft made in 2015 in Ceiba.

Omar Roman

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Barceloneta PR
Started in the Sport by May/2015. He is a quiet character but very active in our activities as a Team. Also one of the more skilled pilots, and love the long distance flights.

Pablo Cruz

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Hatillo PR
Pablo, one of the Veteran of the Team. Started in the Sport by December/2006. As you could imagine, a lot of histories and adventures to tell. He is married with Millie Ramos, also very active in Teams activities.

Rafa Guerrero

ELITE and 5 Stars Pilot – Guaynabo PR
Rafa arrived to the Sport in November 2009. A great gentlemen. He has some good stories in the sport, as the one that he tried to cross the island and gets empty of gas, landing in Coamo. He lives in Guaynabo.
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