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Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico is One of the Biggest, Longer and most Respected Paramotor Schools in USA. We OPEN ALL YEAR! in excellent Caribbean weather. The School was founded in 2002 and today, nineteen (19) years later, hundreds of pilots have been graduated from it and counting... We develop good techniques in Low and High Winds. Also in Launch and Land techniques in different situations. Puerto Rico, thanks of his great Weather is a Paradise for Paramotor Pilots worldwide. We are Proud Dealer of the most recognized and reliable brands in the Industry. Give us a chance!!! And start a new way of Life. Blessings!!! 🙂.

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  • "Avatar" in Puerto Rico - Live the Experience flying accompanied with Instructor!

  • Already a PPG pilot? Come with us in a Paramotor Cross Adventure, Rent of Equipment available.

  • The Major and Best Brands (ParaJet, FlyProducts, Vittorazi, Apco, Ozone, BGD, Flow, EProps, SkyMax, Icaro, and more...)


Honoring Great People - We are Blessed to have them in our Team...THE CORE💪💪

Deron Freeman

Instructor Assistant
Former Student and now Instructor Assistant. He used to visit the Island frequently to fly and help with the school.

Edgardo Rivera

Instructor Assistant
Edgardo is one of the Novice Pilot of the Team. And has show great progress in all the facets of the Sport. He is in route to bigger positions in the school.

Eric Roman

Novice Pilot.
Although is a Novice Pilot. Always is pending to learn and help everyone on the Field.

Hermes Ferrer

Instructor Assistant.
Professional Pilot. Always pending to assist everyone that need a hand in the School.

Ivan Torres

Instructor Assistant
One of the Veteran of Team Kamikazes. His specialty is in Free Fly configuration. Always pending of help everyone that need a hand.

Luis Ruiz

Tandem Instructor USPPA
Founder of the School of Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico in 2002. Web Page Designer and Writer.

Noel Vale

Instructor Assistant
One of the Veteran of Team Kamikazes. Always pending to help everyone that need a hand.

Omar Colon

Instructor Assistant.
Omar is one of the newest face of Team Kamikazes. Also, a Professional Airline Pilot. Always helping everyone in the Team.

Pablo Cruz

Instructor Assistant
Pablo has more than 15 years of Experience in the Paramotor. Always pending of all students of the School. He is the Master Towing Guy.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Instructor Assistant.
Ricardo is always pending to help everyone. He has good knowledge in the reparation of Equipment.

Roberto Nieves

Instructor Assistant
Roberto has a great knowledge in aviation. In fact, is a Airline Professional Pilot. always pending to help everyone in the Team.

Sammy Badillo

Instructor Assistant
Sammy is one of the best mechanic and repairmen of equipment in the island. Ready to help everyone with their equipment. Second to none in his knowledge and work


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