August 31, 2018


Hundreds of pilots have been learning and perfecting their skills in our School in Puerto Rico. The school was created in 2002 and during these 17 years we have created hundreds of pilots worldwide.  As the word spread, more and more students comes from other countries to learn how to fly a paramotor. Some pilots just come to perfecting their skills and taking a Cross Tour flying along our beautiful beaches. All this in perfect weather and in great company.


Like other adventure sports, it’s as safe or dangerous as you choose to make it. Powered Paragliding has a very good safety record among pilots that have been properly trained by a professional. In our school, we ensure that students are safe and confident practicing the sport. So, they can launch and land their paramotors without assistance and different places. Also, we make sure that our students fully understand the basic Rules, Regulations, Complexities and Physics of the sport.


We are a Certified School (for more than 13 years!) of the United States Powered Paraglider Association (USPPA). We apply their and our experiences through the years of Training, developing better pilots worldwide.

How much cost the Training with Team Kamikazes in Puerto Rico?

There are two (2) Options:

REGULAR Training – 👉👉$ 850.00 per person👈👈 – The Training is conducted in their regular activities of Team Kamikazes. Mostly will be conducted on weekends and could add one day of the week coordinated with Instructor. The Training will cover unlimited days for practice. And it cover until your first two (2) “solo” flights. We will provide the Helmet, Communication system, Gasoline, Mix oil, Paramotor and Paraglider at the moment of the “solo” flights.

INTENSIVE Training – We will arrange for at least 7 – 12 days of DAILY training course.

For One (1) Student 👉$ 1,850.00/Student 👈

For two (2) or more Student coming together, 👉$ 1,500.00/Student 👈

The Training cover until your first two (2) “solo” flights. We will provide the Helmet, Communication system, Gasoline, Mix oil, Paramotor and Paraglider at the moment of the “solo” flights. The dates must be coordinate with at least a MONTH prior to the Training.


We do NOT have an specific time duration in our REGULAR Training. We will stand alongside the students as long as necessary. This is part of our success and growth as a Team.

We conducted INTENSIVES Training to students who just want to learn quick or have limited time for the training (as students who come from foreign countries). Normally we manage to put them on “solo” flights in just 5 to 12 days of training. This will depend on the ability and skills of each student. In the Intensive Course the Instructor will be training the student(s) DAILY in different spots and situations. We will try to cover the different situation that you could find in the air, while you’re learning.

Assimilation, progression or skill is not equally among students. We will cover any doubt that appear in the training. Also, you’ll learn about the Equipment, Paragliders, Paramotors, Details, Weather, Aerodynamic, Regulations, Maintenance, etc.

I need to buy some equipment to start?

NO... It is not necessary, although as you improve, is advisable. We provide, as part of the training, all the necessary equipment in Training. The Paraglider, Paramotor, Helmet, Communication System, Inflation Device, Gasoline/Mix Oil, to bring the student the confidence necessary to his/her first “solo” fly.

The Training will cover until your first two (2) “solo” flights. We will cover the Helmet, Communication system, Gasoline, Mix oil, Paramotor and Paraglider. After that, you could Rent the equipment for additional flights. Ask the Instructor Luis Ruiz for details about renting or buying equipment… (Is the Best Deal for your money, check wisely🙂).

How much does cost to enter in the Sport of Powered Paragliding?

Normally the Total Cost of Training + Paramotor + Paraglider + Helmet with communication system + Accessories goes  from $7,500 to more than $12,500 depending of options and quality of equipment.

Where we are located?

Our main place for training is located at the North and West Area of the Island. But mostly we cover all island, and travel to different places as part of the Training. Check the BLOG section in this web page to get the idea.

If I’m already a PPG Pilot and want to visit… Rent of equipment is possible?

If you are a Certified USPPA pilot or similar, and want to visit the island for a “Tour” and do not want or could not bring your equipment for flight. We could Rent it. Passport for American citizen is not necessary. The option of Priority Mail of Postal Offices works fine if you want to bring your equipment. The app of “AirBnB” works great for deals in rooms. (Rincon and Isabela Towns are highly recommended).

👉🏻👉🏻The rate for Rent equipment is  $ 150.00. This will include Helmet,/Communication system, Radio, Inflation Device, Gasoline and Oil mixture for TWO (2) hour estimate of flying.👈🏻👈🏻

In case you don’t have the license USPPA rating and PPG2 and want to rent the equipment, it is possible. But you need to demonstrate in practice that you have the level and knowledge to make a flight with the required safety. A short training could be require to cover the basis in launch and land technique.

To schedule your visit, call:

LUIS RUIZ – (787)717-2384

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