Saturday, August 11, 2018

Well and before a very active week where Danis Rodriguez was resuming his career as a pilot on Tuesday and Jason Scheurer is fast approaching his first solo flight, this was the predicted day of the first “solo” flight of Esteban Torres (tomorrow he has to leave towards USA for work reasons), so we made the arrangements and the meeting point early in the morning was the Villa Pesquera de Isabela flier. Until then we were arriving apart from Esteban, Nixon Porrata, who before arriving there was a flight in the town of San Germán, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Jason Scheurer and his wife Julie, Berto García (returning from the Dominican Republic later. of months of absence) with his baby Michael, Luis Ruiz and his girlfriend Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Omar Román, Alex Diaz, Ricardo Gonzales and his wife Ermelinda, David Silva, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene, Ileana Palermo also arrived and later Chris Santiago to take his passenger flights with Luis as part of the Deals of the Day.

Again things with the weather did not look good and at 8 AM we had about 15 mph of wind and gusts that exceeded 20 mph. Luis managed to make the tandem flight of Ileana that by the way, I really enjoyed it, but I had to suspend Chris’, and others who were waiting to arrive later in the day.

Definitely, this was not the weather we had planned for Esteban, even so, we took advantage of our stay for the inflation practices of Esteban, while Nixon, Pablo, Omar and Luis later flew around. Also, I take advantage of paragliding lessons for Noah Enrique and start the flights in “Towing” to Michael, who every day that goes by comes closer to flying alone and here he was showing great control when Pablo climbed him with the rope even at 100 ft in height !!! Esteban was also brought up by this method, while Ricardo and Alex also practiced inflating. But we wanted more, so we made the decision to move in the afternoon to Rancho Grande de Anasco, which has always presented volatile conditions these days.


We went in convoy towards Anasco and indeed when we arrived we had excellent conditions, with winds coming from the West, we quickly prepared Esteban and after a few minutes of preparation he finally went flying for the first time “alone” accompanied in the air by Nixon, Omar, Chey and Pablo. Both their take-off and landings were very good. Jason continued his inflation practices and as things go, we may try his first “solo” flight as fast as tomorrow we return to Anasco to fulfill commitments. While Ricardo decided not to attend, we were joined Pin Pin Castillo and later Gregory Santiago who arrived with his daughter Keyra.

At dusk, Berto made an impressive flight, with a moving climate and the wind coming from the East, Berto made a complicated takeoff, took height and continued to rise and went to fly over the Cordillera where they locate the neighborhoods of Laguna and Atalaya Aguada, in addition to doing several stunts before the eyes of all, impressive … later, the wind became soft and the pilots who went out to fly were, Chey, Nixon, Pablo, Gregory and Luis, the weather continued to improve and all took the opportunity to go “cross” to the interior of the town and part of Mayaguez. While Jessica took the opportunity to mark a center with lime for the practice of precision learning that we have yet to officially carry out. As a result Pablo and Grego fell far while Chey and then Luis fell in the mark. The afternoon was bittersweet because despite having spent an excellent day, on the landing of Gregory, he again hurt the knee that is weak and it again swollen, so we anticipate that our friend Gregory needed a vacation forced the sport in which the knee is strengthened … Tomorrow, God by going back for more and possibly with the first flight “only” Jason.

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