Sunday, August 12, 2018

Without looking much the weather, we left today past noon in the direction of Rancho Grande de Anasco, we did not know what to expect of the day, since the weather conditions were very volatile for the whole island. At 12:30 PM, Luis Ruiz arrived with his girlfriend Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Nixon Porrata, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene, Jason Scheurer and his wife Julie, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Miguel “Guelo” Colon and his wife Ita, Berto García and his baby Michael. When we arrived, we found ourselves in a difficult climate, we had to wait, the wind changed direction from minute to minute. (Eventually it became one of the best days of 2018 to fly, the strong winds from the West lasted until 5:30 PM). At about 2 PM the weather settled, Luis took a short flight to test the weather, and of one to prepare Jason for his first flight, after the instructions of rigor, Jason went to fly and not once but twice, you have to work a little the takeoff and landing but the flights were excellent CONGRATULATIONS !!!,

Chey, Pablo and Nixon accompanied him (testing the BGD Luna de Luis, which I am very impressed with), this week Esteban and Jason were inaugurated as pilots and we can add Danis, who although it was not his first flight, we could consider it well, since it had not been flying for a long time, and we can not forget Noah and Michael, who both yesterday and today had the boys, Pablo, Berto and Chey pulling the rope for their tandem flights.

So much so, that at sunset they were all exhausted and not wanting to fly since Michael had tired them. Luis Ruiz at some point prepared the Trike with engine to make some passenger flights and the wind this time not low as yesterday, so I have to leave it aside and use your personal paramotor to make flights, a couple of flights tandem to friends of Rincon who came to visit (Marta Carrero and her granddaughter Jinalis) and 2 weeks ago the flights had to be postponed due to the weather. We ended up having dinner in the restaurant before returning to our homes, an intense weekend despite the fact that the weather conditions have remained strong. We thank Julie Moore, wife of the new student / pilot Jason Scheurer for the beautiful photos he has shared with us on the page, Thank you.

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