Thursday, August 09, 2018

Given the possibility that Esteban Torres gave his first flight only before leaving this weekend for his professional work in the USA, some pilots “Kamikazes” decided to support him and went to fly to Parque del Norte in Hatillo in the afternoon. Carlos Candido Rodríguez, along with his son CC Jr., Pablo Cruz with his wife Millie and Luis Ruiz, and obviously Esteban, we met at 3:30 PM, but as has happened in recent weeks the weather was Very active and rains associated with a great system were passing us by on the side.

But this did not end here, after waiting for it to be composed, we had our chance to fly, with the detail that the wind was soft and coming from the south, so it required extra technique to be able to win the flight. CC and CC Jr., they managed to go flying while Luis and Pablo were attending Esteban with the possibility that he would fly with a frontal exit, but after a couple of attempts, we decided that it was not the day. Luis left to fly with CC and CC Jr. But he had to go down quickly to problems not expected with his paramotor air filter, Pablo tried a couple of times but could not leave this time. Notable that CC and CC Jr. They followed the recommendations of Luis and they went to fly to the interior of Hatillo, and arrived at the cattle area in Carrizales de Hatillo. Finally tremendous flight that occurred. As for Esteban we will try his flight next Saturday.

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