May 22, 2020

Parts Corsair Black Devil All Configurations

100Head without Hole Black Devil$185
101Cylinder Black Devil$300
102Piston Black Devil Complete of Wrist-pin and Needle Bearing$200
103Drive Shaft Hand Start Black Devil with Connecting Rod$375
103/1Woodruff Key Drive Shaft M25$5
104Crankcase Black Devil Complete of Tie Rods$675
105Head Gasket Black Devil$12
106Cylinder Base Gasket Black Devil$8
107Seal Rings Black Devil (2 Pcs)$25
108Drive Shaft Bearings Black Devil (Set of 2 Pcs)$40
109Needle Bearing Black Devil$20
110Piston Rings Black Devil (Set of 2 Pcs)$75
111Fitting Pressure for Walbro (2 Pcs) with Tube$20
111/1Two Fitting Pressure for Walbro with Tube$18
112Gasket of Carburetor Round Shape Black Devil$6
113Flange Air Filter Black Devil$20
113/1Disk Under Air box Flange$5
114/D115Pulley 15 Grooves 115 mm Black Devil$135
114/D130Pulley 15 Grooves 130 mm Black Devil$135
115Cam of Pulley Black Devil/Black Bull$50
115/1Big Seeger Cam Shaft Black Devil/Black Bull$5
115/2Small Seeger Cam Shaft Black Devil/Black Bull$1
116Spacer for Cam Shaft Black Devil/ Black Bull$1
117Set 2 Bearings for Reduction Pulley BD/BB$20
118Adjuster for Accelerator Wire Black Devil$8
118/1Throttle Cable Adjuster with Sheating Block$15
119Oval Shape Carburetor Gasket Black Devil$5
120WB37 Carburetor for Black Devil$200
120/1Repair Kit for WB37 Black Devil$30
120/2Membranes Kit for WB37 Carburetor Black Devil$25
121Tie-Rods Crankcase Black Bee/Black Devil (4 Pcs)$25
122Tie-Rods Exhaust Black Devil/ Black Bull (2 Pcs)$10
123Exhaust Gasket Black Devil$8
124Wrist Pin for Piston Black Devil$8
125Flange for Carburetor Bed Black Devil$40
126Reed Valve Black Devil$75
126/1Set of Petals Black Devil$25
127Reed Valve Gasket Black Devil$8
128Coupler for Manual Starter Black Devil/ Black Magic$35
129Coil Black Devil / Black Bull Hand Start$85
130Hand-wheel Black Devil/ Black Bull / Black Bee$85
131/M483Belt 483 at 15 ribs$65
131/M508Belt 508 at 15 ribs$65
132Rubber Mounts Black Devil / Black Bull$10
133D45Pinion 15 Grooves 45 mm$65
133D50Pinion 15 Grooves 50 mm$65
133D52.2Pinion 15 Grooves 52.2 mm$65
134Pinion Disk BD/BB Hand Start$15
135Hand Starter for Black Devil/ Black Magic$140
135/1Recoil Spring Hand Starter Black Devil$25
135/2Starter Handle Black Devil$15
135/4Rope for Hand Starter BD/BB$8
136Black Devil Exhaust$675
136/1Exhaust Silencer BD/BB$500
136/2Exhaust Manifold Black Devil 2018$250
136/3T-Bolt Clamp for Exhaust 2018$10
136/4Exhaust Bracket Black Devil 2018 – Comp with Rubber Mount$35
136/5Band Pipe Clamp Diam .100$25
137/4Air Box Tube 30mm Diam.$10
138/1Foam Filter Small Size$50
139Cooling Shroud Black Devil$225
139/1Cooling Shroud Hardware Black Devil$10
195Pulley 15 Grooves, 115mm with Cam of Pulley and Bearings$200
196Pulley 15 Grooves, 130mm with Cam of Pulley and Bearings$200
197Drive Shaft of Black Devil Hand Starter and Bearings$400
198Complete Kit of Gaskets for Black Devil Light$45
199Cylinder Complete with Piston Black Devil$475
201Electric Starter Black Devil$245
201/1Safety Kit Electric Starter Black Devil$15
201/2Clamp of Electric Starter Safety Kit Black Devil$10
201/3Bendix Black Devil$125
202Flange for Electric Starter Black Devil Light$75
203Crown Wheel for Black Devil Electric Start$85
254Ignition Cover for BD/BB Electric$25
301Drive Shaft of Black Devil Clutch with Connecting Rod$375
302D115Pulley 12 Grooves, 115mm Black Devil$135
302D125Pulley 12 Grooves, 125mm Black Devil$135
304Belt 457 at 12 ribs$65
305/1/D40Clutch Bell 40mm Black Devil with Bearings$160
305/1/D44Clutch Bell 44mm Black Devil with Bearings$160
305/2Internal Part New Clutch Black Devil$160
305/3Clutch Hub Black Devil Light$65
305/4Clutch Washer Black Devil Light$1
305/5Seeger Clutch Black Devil$3
305/6Clutch Bearings Black Devil (2 Pcs)$28
305/7Spacer Clutch Black Devil$15
305D40New Complete Clutch Black Devil for reduction 2.88$355
306Hand Starter Double Spring System$275
306/1Flash Starter Cover$120
306/10Seeger Starter BD/BB (2 Pcs)$4
306/11Dogs Pin Starter BD/BB (2 Pcs)$30
306/2Starter Pulley BD/BB$65
306/3Big Spring Starter BD/BB$35
306/5Starter Driver for BD/BB$50
306/6Tugger Bolt Starter BD/BB$5
306/7Spring Bowl Starter BD/BB$35
306/8Starter Dogs Black Devil / Black Bull (2 Pcs)$30
306/9Dogs Springs Starter BD/BB (2 Pcs)$15
306/12Handle in Fabric for Black Devil / Black Bull$15
307Spacer Crown Wheel/Flywheel Version Clutch Elect$40
308Safety Flange for Electric Starter Mod. Ducati Version Clutch$25
309Support flange for Electric Starter Vers. Clutch$35
310Threaded Spacers Electric Starter Support (2 Pcs)$1
311Electric Starter for Black Devil with Clutch$245
312Conversion Kit Manual Start/Electric Start with Clutch$450
397Flywheel Complete of Spring Bowl Double spring Starter$160
398Spring Bowl Complete with Dogs$95
399Pulley 12 Grooves, 115mm Black Devil with Bearings and Camshaft$200
900Propeller Cover 2 Blade$65
901Paramotor Cover$185
902Recharging System for Lithium Battery$200
902/1Recharging Coil Black Devil / Black Bull$145
902/2Regulator for Recharging Coil Lead$85
902/3Regulator for Recharging Coil Lithium$85
903Recharging System for Lead Battery$210
904Propeller Quick Release for Helix$95
904/1Central Bolt for Quick Release Medium M12x35$10
904/2Clip for Quick Release System$1
904/3Quick Propeller Release System Hub (for Helix)$65
904/4Pins for Helix Quick Release System (6 Pcs)$8
905Propeller Quick Release for E-Prop$95
905/1Central Bolt for Quick Release Long M12x40$8
905/2Quick Release Disk for E Prop$65
905/3Pins for E Prop Quick Release System (6 Pcs)$8
909Battery Charger for Lithium Batteries$125
912Propeller Disk 5 mm Thick$25
913Spacer for Rubber Mounts in Teflon$8
914PPG Meter with CHT Sensor$300
914/2Fuel Sensor for PPG Meter$125
922Throttle Lever Standard Electric Version$255
923Throttle Lever Standard Manual Version$235
925Primer Pump$45
926Relay Black Devil$40
927Fuel Tank 12 Liters$130
928Fuel Tank 18 Liters$175
928/1Tank Cap$18
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