December 14, 2023

SkyMax Pulsar II

The NEW SkyMax PULSAR (II) PARAMOTOR with Vittorazi MOSTER 185 PLUS compliments the existing SkyMax product range and weights only 21 kg (46,3 lbs). For sure the lightweight of ALL the Paramotors in the market using the powerful Vittorazi Moster MY22.

 Designed for experienced pilots

  •  35% lighter than Star frame
  •  Improved aerodynamics
  •  Compact
  •  Fully Titanium
  •  8 minutes assembling/ disassembling

The Pulsar II paramotor includes: 

  • Titanium frame Pulsar II
  • Engine Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY22
  • REGULAR Soft Fuel Tank for 15L (4 Gal) 
  • Dudek Powerseat Light harness
  • 2-bladed E-props propeller 1.25/1.30cm
  • Vittorazi Throttle
  • The Pulsar Travel Case


  • Net weight 3,5 kg (3,9 kg including fuel tank)
  • Cage diameter 1420 mm
  • Frame, cage, horns, rods material – titanium
  • Net material – Dyneema
  • Horns- S-type
  • Torque Compensation System installed as standard
  • Weight Shift System installed as standard
  • Frame colors available: blue, orange, black
  • Net colors available: yellow, blue, red

The Pulsar TRAVEL CASE is specially designed for the comfortable paramotor transportation:

  • Case sizes and its weight with the unit under 32 kg allows to take it as a standard luggage in the airplane. 
  • Hard bottom made of ABS plastic 
  • Two transportation wheels 
  • Four handles on the upper, left, right and bottom sides to transport the case comfortably
  • Special insert to fix the engine reliably inside 
  • Fixing straps inside the case to hold beams and cage sections 
  • Safety straps to prevent the case opening in case of zipper damage during the airplane transportation 
  • Volume 140 liters
  • Dimensions 880*570*400 mm


The development of the new Pulsar II model comes from the need to make some modifications to the original design, the Pulsar. Luis Ruiz, Instructor and Founder of the Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico Flight School, (, comments…

“We have been working with Georgii Schur, owner and founder of SkyMax Paramotor line in Russia, for several years now. We were one of the pioneers in bringing their products to America. From the SkyMax Expedition, which is still used in several countries, then to the improved SkyMax Star product, and later to the most recent and radical model, the SkyMax Pulsar.

The Pulsar model, built entirely in Titanium, has been one of my favorites in recent years. It presents unique flight characteristics due to its ultra-light weight. The complete weight of this unit is only 46.3 Lbs, making it the lightest in the world. Also is good to note, that, by modifying the Vittorazi engine exhaust with a Titanium custom, it manages to reduce the total weight of the SkyMax Pulsar by an additional 3 pounds, leaving it at 43 Pounds (19.5 Kg).

This weight is similar to the weight of the Top80 Miniplane, world famous Paramotor used by generations of pilots in the history. BUT, with the difference, that we had managed to emulate the lightness of the Miniplane, but using a powerful Vittorazi Moster MY22 engine.”

Not everything was perfect…

Luis Ruiz has been using the SkyMax Pulsar for years, even using it to carry out Foot Launch Tandem flights and for his International trips ( But there was something to improve, and that was discussed with Georgii…

The 8-liter gas tank, located inside the Harness, had to be modified… There were several occasions where Luis Ruiz ran out of fuel while flying. And the fact that the tank was inside the harness did not allow to see the level of gasoline while flying. In addition to the fact that 8 liters is really very little for flight standards in Puerto Rico and other regions where cross-country flights are liked…

The Pulsar II …

Luis Ruiz made modifications to his personal SkyMax Pulsar, changing to the traditional SkyMax 15-liter gasoline tank adding more safety and greater flight autonomy. At the same time, Georgii got down to it perfecting the product, the PULSAR II.

After several months of testing, the PULSAR II is ready… it will be available from January 2024. Is simply the BEST Choice for all Paramotor Pilots looking for Maximum Power with the Lowest possible weight on their backs.

Parts prepared for Luis Ruiz, in order to convert his Pulsar to Pulsar II…

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