Sunday, November 21, 2021 at Villa Pesquera, Isabela – Demo Flights Day…

We met again in Villa Pesquera Isabela. This time we had a varied climate with the entry of a cold front. Sometimes it would get very good at flying and suddenly it would get windy 😑.

From early in the morning the pilots Darwin Hernández, Edgardo Rivera and José “Cheo” Román met to fly. While Mario Muñiz came to practice paragliding. In Darwin’s case, he was taking advantage of the morning since at noon he had to get on a plane to go back to work in Texas. He is lasting his vacations to the last minute! 🙄.

Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell, arrived ready to carry out some confirmed Demo flights coordinated during previous week. They started early with Daniel Canabal, who came accompanied by his father Victor, who is a former commercial pilot. These were followed by new friends, Iván and Arelis Montañéz, natives from Caguas.

At the moment that Luis and Ian were flying with Iván and Arelis, they were surprised in the air by an active cloud system from the Cold Front that caused the wind to rise in intensity from 13 mph to about 22 mph+. After some tense minutes flying in these conditions, both Luis and Ian managed to land without major problems. Eventually Cheo, Darwin and Edgardo also made good landings. In the meantime, the pilots Sammy Badillo and John also came to share in the activities.

After the wind gets “normal” again, we continue with the Demo flights. Then it was time to make the trip to Julio Villanueva Jr. he is the nephew of friend Rubén Villanueva, who was visiting us after flying with us a few months ago.

After Julio Jr. were arriving the new friends from the States, Matt from Rhode Island and his friend Callie from Vermont. Both were escaping the winter season in the USA, and were very happy with their flying experiences and our weather.

Finally, Idenisse, she is an example to be followed by many people on the island. It turns out that Idenisse, at one point had overweight problems, and was weighing over 400 pounds, and today after undergoing radical changes in her life. Both physically and mentally, he has set out to enjoy his life to the fullest. He even came in weighing less than 200 pounds and went flying with Ian Darrell.

An example of overcoming. Many blessings 💪🙏!!!!


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