Saturday, November 27, 2021- Parque del Norte Hatillo, Melissa Earl flying and much more…

A very active day in Parque del Norte Hatillo. For pilots and relatives of Team Kamikazes, as well as people who came to Live their Experiences and learn a little more about the sport.

We begin by mentioning the pilots present in the activity …

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica, and children Ian Darrell, with his girlfriend Paola and Noah Enrique
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Omar Colon
Alberto Sabah
Melissa Earl
Mario Rivera

Among the friends who arrived to Live their Experiences in the paramotor, we have Francisco and Deborah from San Lorenzo, Mercedes from Fajardo, Kiriam from Vega Baja, Iván from Humacao and Mayra Rodríguez from Vega Baja.

The morning started very good to fly and quickly the pilots Omar, Edgardo, Ian, Pablo and Ricardo went to fly around. While Luis, and later Ian, were developing the Demo flights.

The first to go up in Demo flights was Francisco flying with Ian. He had been accompanied Deborah a few weeks ago to Isabela but had not been able to go up in that moment due to weather conditions. Today was his moment, and he finally made his flight 💪. These were followed by Mercedes flying with Ian and Kiriam flying with Luis. Again, both living a beautiful experience.

After this, Luis focused on the flights of pilots Mario Rivera and Melissa Earl. In Mario’s case, he is a pilot used to fly in low wind conditions and here we were helping him launching in high winds conditions. We changed the glider for his flight and this time he flew a 23 meter BGD Luna2 which performed much better in 15 mph wind.

Mario Rivera launching at High Winds.

In Melissa‘s case, she arrived ready for her fourth flight in her short career. Each time getting better, and this time was no exception. She take off very safely and later, she managed to land on his feet for the first time. Congratulations 💪 !!!

4th Paramotor Fly of Melissa, each Time better!!!

Later in the day, Luis made Iván‘s Demo flight, and Ian took his girlfriend Paola for a Demo fly. Luis also took little Noah for a short trip too but had to postpone Mayra‘s flight due to weather issues (postpone for tomorrow Sunday at Isabela)..

Omar and Edgardo were cross flying in the direction of Arecibo and Ricardo flew with the sports BGD Luna 2. He eventually landed on the other side of the river, in Camuy. As part of his adventures 😑…

Omar, Luis and Edgardo, Video by Pablo Cruz.

At Sunset, after the activity ended, some members of Team Kamikazes went to dinner at the “El Fogón de la Abuela” in Camuy. As always having an excellent time and getting ready, since tomorrow Sunday, God willing, we are going to Isabela.

Video by Ariel Rivera, Camuy. (Thanks!!!)


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