Saturday, December 18, 2021 – A Return to Lajas Valley and the Adventures of Kyle Hall and Kathy Spaid.

Again we returned to the Lajas Valley. This has become an excellent destination for this time of year in which we have majestic flight conditions both in the Valley with its mist, and to visit the tourist area of ​​”La Parguera“.

The “Kamikazes” pilots present in the activity, and from 6 AM, were Berto García, Luis Ruiz, David Garber and Ray Malave, along with the ultralight pilots, Arnaldo and William.

Also today we had the visit of the Paramotor Pilot from Wisconsin, USA, Kyle Hall and his wife Katherine. In addition Hector and his wife Kathy Spaid, from Lajas. Kathy has flown with Luis on previous occasions and today she came to enjoy her Christmas gift. Another flight with Luis through the Valley.

The weather, as expected. Zero wind, perfect weather to enjoy a great flight, as long as the take-off process was successful 😉. Both Berto and David Garber came out without major problems. Berto went “cross” to the town of Guanica, and flew over the area of ​​sunflowers. David was flying over “La Parguera”.

Kyle Hall Experience…

Luis provided him with a SkyMax Moster MY20 Paramotor and a 23-meter BGD Luna2 paraglider, and Kyle managed to take off without major problems. Getting used to doing this type of takeoff in the USA makes it much easier when flying in the Lajas Valley. Kyle flew for about an hour and here we share some photos and videos of his experiences …

Kyle Hall Landing.

Kathy Spaid Experience …

As we mentioned previously, Kathy had already flown a couple of times with Luis. And this time, it was because of her Christmas present. Again the flight was an epic one with great adventures. We managed to fly over the mountains that surround “La Parguera” and were immediately accompanied by David Garber. Here we leave some of the videos that were taken while the flight was taking place.

At the side of PR116.
Gaining Altitude in direction of Parguera.
David Garber on Action I
David Garber on Action II

Extra Photos…

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