Saturday, April 09, 2022 – Edgardo and Wilnelia flying Together!!!

With the weather good for at least the morning, we meet at Villa Pesquera, Isabela.

By the time Luis Ruiz arrived at the activity at 8 AM, he found that the pilots Darwin Hernández and Edgardo Rivera had already gone in a “cross fly” in their Paramotors with tanks full of gasoline…🙄

Team Kamikazes Present in the Activity…

Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Christian Cooper accompanied by Kat and Jacqueline
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Darwin Hernandez
Omar Colon

Living the experience in the Paramotor…

Kat and Jacqueline, who arrived with Christian Cooper
Lizbeth and Giosvany from Canovanas and Bayamon
Keisy from Las Piedras
Esteban from Mayaguez, in his birthday, accompanied by his son Steven and Niurka

The Story…

Once Edgardo and Darwin arrived from their “cross” flight (I think they flew all the way to Hatillo, back and forth), they found ourselves in the area making the Demo Flights. Luis Ruiz and Ian Darrell carried out the flights of several people who had come to Live their Experiences in the Paramotor.

Also, the pilots Omar Colon, Mario Muñiz and Christian Cooper were flying in the surroundings. In fact Mario made two flights. He looks more comfortable in his takeoffs and landings. This time he landed on his foot, which was a personal challenge, and he is already achieving it. Congratulations 💪!!!!

Demo flight from Edgardo to his wife Wilnelia

This was a dream and a challenge that both Edgardo and Wilnelia had since they arrive to the Team one year ago…, to be able to fly together in the Paramotor 🙏. Edgardo has been flying for about a year now and has made tremendous progress in his skills. This includes performing some Demo Flights to other Team pilots, as part of his training.

Taking that in consideration, and with a suitable climate, we decided to give them the Green Light to carry out the Flight. For this to happen, several pilots were assisting in all the pertinent details. That included Omar, Mario, Darwin and the Instructor Luis Ruiz.

At first, things did not go as expected. Some doubts arose but we were there to help. The biggest challenge was the Take Off, but the attitude of Edgardo and Wilnelia was the correct. In the end the doubts were left behind and they wanted to achieve it the fly.

After a few attempts, Edgardo managed to stabilize the paraglider and they both went out to fly together. There was a lot of excitement in their flight, as reflected in the Wilnelia Video. Congratulations 🙏💪!!!

Edgardo and Wilnelia Flying together for First Time!!!
Wilnelia having a Great Time in the Air!!!

After mid day, the winds began to increase in intensity and we decided to finish early to return tomorrow for at least another morning session. Blessings!!!


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