Saturday, June 04, 2022 – Great for Flying, But the Hottest Day of the Year, So Far…

We arrived at the weekend of June 4, 2022, and this time we have excellent flight conditions!!!. The meeting point was Villa Pesquera Isabela, and as you can imagine, there were many stories to tell…

Pilots and Family Kamikazes Present…

Ben Doyle and his wife Andrea
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and sons Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Angelo Avila

Living the Flight Experience…

Amilcar Montañez and his wife Maria from Guayama
José Castro, Elba Castro, Lourdes Resto and her husband Luis López from Caguas
Nadine Romero and Sussy from Rincon
Jose from Maricao

The Activity in a super Hot Day…

In the morning and with very light winds, Ben began the activities trying his first Demo flight with his wife Andrea. Unfortunately, the wind was very light and the flight, for the time being, could not be made. We wait for a little more wind for a new attempt 😏.

In fact, carrying out the Demo flights scheduled for the day, all of them were complicated due to the light wind and the heat!!! The wind began to come in from the North and later from the NNW, making takeoffs quite a challenge.

Ian managed to get Elba out on the first flight of the day (by the third try, that’s how difficult it was). It was funny since Elba was not going to fly initially and she was the first one out. Later, Lourdes, Amilcar and María went out to enjoy their experiences. Instructor Luis Ruiz postponed José’s flight until later in the day, since he had leg problems that made the takeoff run impossible. Luis eventually managed to make José’s flight, past noon in better winds for takeoff and using a 42-meter tandem glider!

Later, Nadine and Sussy, natives of Rincón and José from Maricao, also enjoyed their Demonstration Flights.

It was a day of many flights and adventures, although the heat was remarkable. We hope that those conditions will not be the norm this summer.


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