Wednesday, July 27, 2022 – Some flights in the morning…

Taking advantage of a good flight window, we went early to Villa Pesquera Isabela. The winds have been strong the past few days, but today they had decreased in intensity, and we had to take advantage of it.

Early, present were, Instructor Luis Ruiz, along with his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Ben Doyle and his wife Andrea, Paul Whitmore, Alberto Sabah, and students Manuel “Manny” Martínez and Abner Ramos.

Arriving to Live their Experience in the Paramotor were Carmen and Teresa from Texas, and Leo Luque comes with his family, Yarimar and Rafy from Aguas Buenas.

Ben and Luis made the 4 Demo flights. Each and every one of them having excellent moments of flights. And that’s the idea 😊.


carmen y Teresa vinieron a vivir sus experiencias desde Texas, USA. #volarpr #teamkamikazes #foryou #blessed

♬ original sound – M E L – M E L

Meanwhile, students Abner and Manny are showing great progress in their Training. Both are ready for major challenges. Little Noah was also practicing paragliding with the students. In fact it was the inspiration for them to see how Noah mastered the paraglider.

Arriving at noon, the intensity of the winds increased and with this we ended the activity. Blessings 🙏!!!


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