Sunday, May 07, 2023 – Two (2) NEW Pilots spread their wings, Jose Luis and Wilkins… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We arrived early at Villa Pesquera, Isabela. And we have spectacular flight conditions, although we must say quite hot, (85 F+ were the norm)… Today we have two new students to fly “solo” for first time, but more on this later…

Kamikaze Pilots and Family Present…

Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Wilkins Torres, his wife Brenda, and son Wilkins Jr.
José Luis Hernández, his wife Francheska and sons
Luis Antonio Cruz, his wife Jesenia and sons
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and sons Ian Darrell (with his girlfriend Paola) and Noah Enrique
Francisco Toraño and wife (Possible student)
Sammy Badillo
Darwin Hernandez
Charles Riggs

Training to start the morning…

The Instructor Luis Ruiz was in charge of the practices of the students, Wilkins, Luis Antonio and José Luis. The idea was to try their first “solo” flight for Wilkins and José Luis if the weather permit. We must indicate that the other students of the Team, Micah and Leora, left the island these days to fulfill previous commitments in NY, USA. They will be out for a few months. So, their Training will be on “Hold” until further notice.

In the meantime, Ian Darrell carried out an Instruction Flight to Shakaira, from San Juan, who had arrived to Live his Experience.

Shakaira’s Reaction after her fly!!!!

The First “Solo” Flight for José Luis and Wilkins…

Luis Antonio continued practicing with the paragliders, he need to practice on ground a little more time. But, the time had come to attempt his first “solo” flights for José Luis Hernández (Quebradillas) and Wilkins Torres (Villalba).

Luis Ruiz was organizing everything, giving the necessary instructions and checking equipment and communication systems. The wind was coming in from the NNE at 5 to 10 mph. At first we wait a bit hoping for greater intensity of winds.

Once the conditions were propitious, we gave the green light to both students to attempt their flights. The first to attempt his flight was José Luis. He managed to do everything he practiced, and he made his first “Solo” fly .

Jose Luis Hernandez Take Off at his first “Solo” Fly, with the assistant of Instructor Luis Ruiz.
And the Landing of Jose Luis…

He was flying for about 20 minutes, enjoying the scenery and the first sensations of flying by himself. But he could not sit well in the harness of the Paramotor, which made us tell him to land earlier than expected. Anyway, José Luis was very happy with his experience, looking for more. It’s not every day you can fly for the first time!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Jose Luis Reaction…

By the time it was Wilkins‘ turn to attempt his first flight, the wind dropped the intensity again. So we put it on Hold for a few minutes. We rested for a bit, and once we got back up to the dune, Wilkins was ready to try it and the wind pick up his intensity again. So, he will try to do it…

The First Take Off of Wilkins Torres!!!
And the First Landing!!!

Unlike José Luis, he managed to sit well in the Paramotor Harness and was flying for more than 30 minutes, and in the range of the 500 to 800 ft altitude. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Wilkins First Reaction After his Fly!!!

Both José Luis and Wilkins‘ landing were very good. And both very happy with their experiences. Soon it will be Luis Antonio‘s turn, and we will be letting you know.

Other Activities…

The other pilots of the group, as Charles, Mario, Pablo, Darwin and Sammy, simply enjoy a good weather for great flights.

Noah Enrique gliding from the Dune… Video by Mario Muniz.
Take Off of Mario Muniz, Video by his wife Ivonne.
Noah giving Training to the son of Jose Luis.

Congratulations to the two new pilots, and above all to God for giving us these opportunities.


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