December 8, 2019

Alex Diaz

Beginning in the Sport: May/2018

Lives in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Married with Belen, who is also active in the activities of the Team.

Notable Flights, Goal or Adventure: Travel to Caja de Muertos Island in Ponce in December 2019.

  • Best Word that describe him: PERSEVERANCE
  • Assist the Instructor Luis Ruiz in the training to Students and Passengers flights.
  • Great gentleman, always ready to help others in the Team.
  • With his first fly in March 2018, Alex was not one of the most skilled students, but step by step he is winning ground to be one of the best pilots. He studies and work harder than others to enjoy this sport at his fullest. Inclusive he made travels to other countries to acquire more experience. And gets in shape. He started weighting some 230 pounds, and right now he weights 190 pounds flying more and with more energy…

Equipment used:

  • Paramotors – Fly Products Rider Moster – ParaJet Maverick Moster
  • Engines – Vittorazi
  • Paragliders – Ozone Spyder 3

Link at Facebook:

Some Photos/Video:

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