November 30, 2018



Metal Protector Heavy Service

Heavy-duty spray lubricant fortified with special inhibitors of rust and corrosion. Penetrates and adheres to metal surfaces, leaving a long lasting dry waxy protective coating. It dries completely and does not attract dust. It works well as a first layer, and as such prevents rust and eliminates squeaks.

PRICE: $9.50

Protector of Metals (AMP)

Disperses water and protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. Penetrate the existing accumulations of rust and loosen the bolts. It also dries wet electrical systems. A compulsory product for the home or the store. Have a can also in your vehicle.

PRICE: $7.00

Spray of silicon

Lubricates and effectively protects rubber, nylon, plastics, upholstery fabrics, vinyl, wood, cardboard, fiberglass and other non-metallic surfaces with a dry lubricating film. It helps prevent cracking and drying of rubber, blocks moisture and does not attract dust or dirt. Its special formula that does not stain is excellent for waterproofing and protecting boots, shoes and leather and suede jackets and much more.

PRICE: $8.50

Lubricants of Chains

AMSOIL Chain Lube (ACLSC) is a dedicated aerosol chain lubricant that provides outstanding wear and corrosion protection for all types of chains and sprockets. It penetrates deep into the pins and bushings of chains and leaves a protective coating that will not fling off or attract dirt, dust, sand or grit.

PRICE: $10.00

Grease in Aerosol

It effectively reduces friction and wear to keep components running cleanly and smoothly in order to provide exceptional performance and long life. It is applied quickly and evenly and is ideal for oiling difficult-to-access equipment, including hinges, springs and other common applications.

PRICE: $10.00

Fogging Oil for Motors

Its superior film retention provides stored equipment with long-term protection against corrosion and dry starts, which prolongs the life of the engine and reduces operating expenses.

PRICE: $10.00

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