Sunday, October 07, 2018

The previous two days we had a lot of rain in the island, so, we had doubts if today’s activity could be realize. Team Kamikazes went early to the Hatillo North Park where despite being cloudy , the weather was getting better. Finally we were flying until 3 PM!. Presents were Ricardo González his wife Ermelinda, Pablo Cruz his wife Millie, Luis Ruiz his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Gabriel Martínez his wife Arlene, Omar Román and  Alex Diaz. In addition, Marisol Martinez, his daughter Nicole, and friend Tatiana who went to enjoy the experience in paramotor with Luis Ruiz. The three had very good experience in their adventure.

As the day progressed, a pigeon approached our meeting area. He accompanied us throughout our stay in the Park.  We gave food and the pigeon was very comfortable with us.
In other hand, Ricardo had problems with his paramotor in recent months. So, we decided to give him the opportunity to fly a modern paramotor SkyMax Moster from Luis with the Apco Thrust XL. He accepted the offer and after several inflation practices and with the paramotor already heated on his back, he went flying for the first time in months!

Ricardo was very happy. But the stories continues… At one side, the little Noah with his inflation practices, and on the other side, the mother, Jessica, in her kite practices. She practiced inflating with the paramotor on his back and even turned to fight for a while with the wind, and she did it very well.

Later, Jessica goes flying by Towing Method. Pablo, assisted by Omar, Ricardo and Alex, were pulling the rope. We estimate that at one point Jessica fly at about 15 feet high.

Later on, Gabriel join the students in the fly experience. His second flight “alone” comes, and this time using his personal paraglider, an Apco Lift EZ, (the first time he climbed with Luis, Apco Thrust XL). This time he was flying for 30 minutes and its takeoff and landing were very good.

Late afternoon appear the rain and with it, we ended the activity. It was great for a day that didn’t promise much at beginning.

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