Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Luis Ruiz wrote…

The day in Puerto Rico dawned with warning of floods and rain for the entire island. With this panorama, I never imagined that it would be a spectacular day of flight in the Aguada coast at the West of the island. And although it was raining heavily for the entire island, the west side barely caught rain. Basically the foggy sky remained and with it, a gentle breeze 🙄…

In the afternoon, and after meeting family and sports commitments. I went with my paramotor to the Pico de Piedra Beach in Aguada. There, as expected, were a slight constant breeze coming from NW direction. Ideal to fly the entire coast and even to enter the interior of the island.

After normal preparations, I went flying all along the coast. Initially towards Aguadilla, going through the coastal businesses, and then turn en route to Rincón. There I managed to fly over the beaches in front of the “Tamboo” Hotel and then the Nuclear Plant and the Lighthouse 💪.


After an hour of flight, there was on ground waiting the Kamikazes pilot, Randy Tirado, who was close to Aguada and upon learning that I was flying around, he gave me a visit🙂. Here are some photos of the adventure. I hope you like it.

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