Saturday, August 29, 2020

Epic day of flights and great sharing…. This time we went to Loiza betting on excellent flight conditions and as predicted, and… Loiza is Loiza,

Loiza Culture in a typical Saturday…

Also, late in the afternoon some of the pilots decided to go to “El Caracol” in Dorado. There is much to tell, many photos and videos, first of all I must point out the pilots that came to the activity….

Pilots present:

Chelo Meléndez and her son Marcos
Danis Rodriguez
Jose Roberto Nieves
Alex Diaz
David Silva
Omar Colon
Luis Ruiz
Gregory Santiago
Juan Carlos Correa
Eric Harthman
Omar Roman
Jose Santini
Rubén Torres (Possible New Student)

Each of these had a story to tell. This time we are going to make this story a little different, we are going to tell the story from the perspective of each of the pilots …

Chelo Meléndez – He had not been able to fly for several months. Recently he was in the activity that we carried out in Luquillo, but he could not fly due to the strong wind conditions that dominated the area that day. Therefore he kept practicing with the paraglider. Today in better conditions and better space for takeoff, he made a good takeoff and spent so much time in the air that he ran out of gas upon landing. He has yet to perfect the landing but the circumstances of the day must have helped him continue to dominate the sport. His son Marcos had been unable to attend the activities for months. So he was practicing paragliding and doing very well. We are keep an eye on conditions and correct space for his first “solo” flight. And with this, he will be the youngest pilot in the history of the sport on the island. Stay Tuned …

Danis Rodríguez – The past two months have been a great learning experience for Danis. He has already reached his 5-star flight level in the sport. Danis is flying and practicing at every possible moment. Today you can see that big difference. He perfectly controls takeoffs and landings and keeps giving advice to less experienced pilots on how to be better pilots. On today’s flights, he covered long flight distances between Loiza and Luquillo, as well as from Dorado to Levittown in the afternoon.

Jose Roberto Nieves – Jose is one of the newest member of Team Kamikazes. Due of his working compromises he is not flying much. But anytime he has a chance he join us for an adventure. This time he made two long Cross. In the morning he flew from Loiza to Luquillo and in the afternoon he joined the pilots that goes all the way to Levittown.

Alex Diaz – Due to his profession, Alex cannot fly as much as he would like. But every moment it has a chance, it is present. And not only that, but at every step he continues to improve his entire technique. Gone are the days when his takeoff and landing were problems. He already does them very naturally. Alex also flew from Loiza to Luquillo in the morning and from Dorado to Levittown in the afternoon.

David Silva – Another with committed schedules, but also, whenever he can, he is ready to fly. He recently acquired a new Apco Force II paraglider, which has improved the ease of take-off and flight speed for the cross. He was also “cross” in the morning from Loiza to Luquillo and in the afternoon he was the leader on the route from Dorado to Levittown.

Omar Colon – The newest pilot in Team Kamikazes. But make no mistake, his experience as a professional aviation pilot has helped him progress rapidly in the sport. And not only that, but he has dedicated himself to practicing a lot, either in his own practices or in reading, listening to advice and watching videos. Today he was flying in Loiza for 40 minutes. He is always ready to help everyone who needed a hand. He is already taking off without major problems and the landing is already making him comfortable.

Omar Colon in his 3rd fly managing landing!!!

Luis Ruiz – Apart from flying, he tries to be aware of everything and that everyone present feels well cared for. He flew in Loiza in the morning where he made a introduction flight to a tourist from NY and in the afternoon also flew  with the Team between Dorado and Levittown.

Loiza Culture…

Flying at “El Caracol” close to Alex and David.

Gregory Santiago – The “Alpha”, was the leader of the morning “cross” flight between Loiza and Luquillo. He is always aware of everyone, giving wise advice. These days he’s working on new Team Kamikazes shirts.

Juan Carlos Correa – Flight in Loiza ?, no problem. He arrived flying from his residence in Luquillo. shared with us and in the afternoon after some long flights he returned to his house as he arrived, flying.

Eric Harthman – He arrived at Loiza’s activity very early in the morning with his new “Scout” Moster paramotor. Luis Ruiz later flew it to make adjustments if necessary. Eric was practicing with the paraglider and for the next few days we have pending his first “solo” flight. Stay Tuned …

Omar Román – Omar had not flown for a while. But there he was, even was the first Kamikaze pilot on air. He flew  his reliable Fly Products Kompress paramotor that has hundreds of hours in its history. In the morning he also flew the long cross from Loiza to Luquillo.

José Santini – Due to his work commitments, he could not arrived early, but he made arrangements and was present simply to enjoy the activity with the Team.

Rubén Torres – Possible new team student of the Team. He come from the hand of Omar Colon. It turns out that Rubén is an experienced professional aviation pilot and instructor and is evaluating entering our sport. We will keep you informed if finally make it and his progress …

Gustavo Verta – By the time Team Kamikazes had marched in the direction of “El Caracol” in Dorado in the afternoon. Gustavo arrived at Fortuna Beach in Luquillo with David de Jesús, and there they were making some flights. Gustavo was launching for first time his new Apco Lift EZ R glider, and as he tells me he was delighted with it. David also flew himself once Gustavo had landed.

As always, we thank God for those opportunities that he allows us to live 🙏.

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