Saturday, September 19, 2020

Finally, back to Parque del Norte in Hatillo. It’s been months of “Lock Down” but we were finally able to return. And not only that, but also having an excellent climate thanks to a Hurricane that is currently passing through the north of the island, without affecting us but leaving winds and enjoyable weather throughout the day.

Several pilots gathered for the activity …

Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derick Castro
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
Robert Rodríguez and his wife Elba
Gregory Santiago
Luis Ruiz
Robert Gonzalez
Omar Roman
Alex Diaz
Danis Rodriguez
Omar Colon
David Silva
Jose Roberto Nieves
Davicito de Jesus
Gustavo Verta
Sammy Badillo (New Student)

As we mentioned, the weather remained pleasant all day, although light winds prevailed all morning. That and just that it was coming in from the north and there were big waves, it represented a greater challenge for all the pilots present. You had to take off by the most difficult method to master, the “Front Launch” and at once run towards the sea, and obviously turn once in the air 🙄.

With so many pilots present, and each one with their own history, achievements and challenges to overcome, we will go individually in each one, since there is much to tell …

Derick Castro – The young pilot, looking to make his fourth flight in his history very early …, looking for fly from very early in the morning despite the low intensity of winds. His attitude was very good so we gave the green light for him to try to take off using the “Front Launch” method. After the rigorous instructions and a little practice, Derick managed to make the difficult takeoff. He was flying for an hour and his landing was also an excellent one, landing on his feet. Congratulations!!!.

Derick making a Front Launch take off!!!

Derick’s Land.

Ariel Rodríguez – Once his grandson had landed, it was Ariel’s turn. But this time on its takeoff, Ariel sat down prematurely hurting its propeller, so this time its flight was pending. We hope that after this he will not sit again in the take-off race 🤨…

Pablo Cruz – He had some complications with his initial takeoff due to the low wind intensity and he correctly aborted a couple of attempts when he saw that he was running out of runway. On the third attempt he took off without problems demonstrating his great mastery.

Alberto Sabah – Recovering from an injury but eager to be flying with the rest of the group and to dominate his landings which is the only thing now that is limiting his activities.

Chey Sánchez – Always showing his great flying skills, now with a new Apco Force II paraglider in 22 meters. Also helping all those who need an adjustment in their flight equipment, as well as assisting in the takeoffs and landings of more novice pilots.

Robert Rodríguez– It was nice to see him arrive at the activity, he had been away for a few months due to the Pandemic. He take a one-hour flight around the area. Excellent takeoff and landing.

Gregory Santiago – This time he couldn’t make it in time to fly. But he takes some of his time in the afternoon to arrive and say hello and to wear some of his new Team Kamikazes shirts and of his own creation.

Luis Ruiz – Attending the training of student Sammy Badillo and assisting in the takeoffs and landings of novice pilots, who needed assistance. He also make a couple of flights to people interested in the sport.

Luis Ruiz take Off at Light wind conditions.

“Life Changing” as described by Allan….

Robert González – Always willing to share. He had unexpected problems with the Manual Starter of his paramotor and decided not to go flying this time. However, he was sharing with everyone present at the activity.

Robert starting an engine?

Omar Román – From early on, demonstrating his flying mastery, even in very light winds. Its efficient and reliable Fly Products Kompress Paramotor (Corsair engine) keeps him flying for a long time and with very little fuel consumption.

Omar’s launch at Light Winds…

Alex Diaz – He wasn’t in much of a hurry to go flying, but once he did, he flew from Hatillo, all the way to the Colon Statue which is located on the border between Arecibo and Barceloneta. His landing again was on foot, and that is becoming the norm 🙂.

Alex landing of Foot!!!

Danis Rodríguez – The most recent pilot with 5 stars of his level. And there he was demonstrating everything he had learned in past months. At one point he accompanied Alex on the Cross Tour of the Statue of Colon.

Danis Front Launch Take Off..

Danis flying in the Colon Statue.

Omar Colon – The newest pilot in the group. Omar has only been with Team Kamikazes for a few months, and he premiered his new Paramotor Fly Products Eclipse, which he was delighted with. Demonstrating great mastery in its takeoff and landing. He’s even talking about bigger challenges!

David Silva – David was unable to bring his flight equipment, as he had to resolve unexpected work issues in the morning. He made the biggest contribution of the day !!!, Around noon, He bring food for everyone present, and without anyone requesting it. David. Thank you very much for detail. I’m sure everyone was very grateful for your details 💪💪💪!!!

José Roberto Nieves – José demonstrated great progress in the sport with his takeoff and landing in very light winds. Many had doubts that Roberto could take off in those conditions and he cleared all doubts with a great run in his launch. He was flying for more than an hour and a half throughout the area. Those long-duration flights are already a norm with him.

Jose Roberto launching in Light Winds.

Jose Roberto’s Landing.

Davicito de Jesús – Some of the group who are new in the sport did not know Davicito since he does not frequent Team activities much. But Davicito is by far the best Free Flight Paragliding Pilot in Puerto Rico, (he flies with an expert paraglider Ozone Enzo 3) and there he was accompanying Gustavo Verta, and at one time taking of Luis to fly around. As always showing great mastery.

Davicito’s Launch.

Gustavo Verta – As is his norm throughout the years, Gustavo likes to arrive at activities and chat during the day and prepare to fly in the afternoon. This time things got complicated for him as the wind began to lose its intensity and that made it difficult to take off. Sure enough, by the time he was finally ready for the flight, he couldn’t get out after three takeoff attempts so he was somewhat upset. He calmed down and later changed his take-off location to the launching area next to the Pep Boys in front of Plaza del Norte in Hatillo from where he took off and even flew to the Statue of Colon on the border of Arecibo and Barceloneta. After that the smile return to his face 🙂…

Sammy Badillo – Sammy arrived early and was practicing inflation and paragliding control for the second time in his young sports career. His great skills come out again, controlling the gliders that Luis provided him at will. We do not doubt that soon we will have it in the air with the rest of the pilots.

The girls from Team Kamikazes also had a nice time around. And it is that the Parque del Norte is an excellent place to share with the family. We left there when the Park closed at 6 PM. Although some pilots went to dinner and I understand that they arrived at their homes around midnight 😲…

Something was celebrated in Omar Colon flights?

As always, thank God for these opportunities that allows us to live 🙏!!!

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