Tuesday and Wednesday 15 – 16, September 2020

Training days. We welcome the new students of Team Kamikazes. Angelo Petrillo, a resident of Dorado and Sammy Badillo, a native of Aguadilla. Along with those were the pilots Danis Rodríguez, Alberto Sabah, Rubén Franco and Luis Ruiz.

September is usually a difficult month for our activities, but this time the weather was excellent. We were both days from 8:00 AM to midday in Villa Pesquera Isabela. The classes of the new students began, initially covering the theoretical part and clarifying doubts to the new students. Then it was the beginning of practices with the inflation of the paraglider. Both were giving strength to the practices and that is what it is about … we will keep you informed in the progress of the new students …

Sammy showing great skills on First Day of Training.

Meanwhile, Danis, Alberto and Rubén were going to fly around. It was nice to see Alberto and Rubén back in the air, who had not flown for months and here they were back. Enjoying the freedom that this healthy sport provides.

As we mentioned, we finished at midday when clouds with rain activity were approaching. But we met our goal very well with the new students.

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