Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Well, we have reached our last official flight activity of the Team Kamikazes of this 2020πŸ™. This year has been one that will go down in history as one of enormous challenges, both physical and spiritual, not only for our community of pilots but for the Country and Humanity in general.

Survivors of 2020!!!

I think that if something positive must be mentioned, it is that we were survivors of all this … And even better, all the situations we experienced made us stronger and we learned to value more the things that surround us that we took for granted that were there πŸ™‚β€¦

In our Team there were many changes. Some pilots are gone, some decided to take other directions. However, we continued to grow, fight, and become stronger with each activity and each new student and friend who joined us along the way πŸ’ͺ.

In the end, we are very blessed. In Puerto Rico we have been able to practice this beautiful passion that flight provides us even in difficult times. We look forward to a 2021 with many blessings and health for all our friends and brothers who travel this path called life. πŸ™

Last Activity of 2020!!!!

The last activity of 2020, took place in Villa Pesquera Isabela. Like yesterday the conditions were pretty good for flying, but this time conditions started to deteriorate after noon.

The Kamikaze pilots presents …

Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
IvΓ‘n Torres and his wife Pamela
Enrique Gonzalez
Darwin Hernandez

All day the wind was coming from the North hovering around 10 mph in the morning. With these conditions, Dave, Sammy, David, Pablo and Enrique (his 3rd flight) went flying around. While Luis concentrated efforts on the ground training of Darwin and Enrique.

Pablo, Darwin and Dave…

IvΓ‘n Torres, one of the Team’s veteran pilots, came to share and was assisting Luis and Pablo with the students. Even take the opportunity to perform the β€œBack Flip” maneuver that David and Ian did last Tuesday. Will it be a “Trending” for other pilots to do it? … We’ll see 😍!!!!

Ivan Torres Back Flip!!!

David was in charge of the last Demo flights of 2020, those interested in the sport who enjoyed this ride were Mariana, Pamela and Casey. After 2 PM the wind conditions were getting strong and we limited our activities mostly to practicing paragliding and eat some pizza (thanks to Darwin and Enrique).

Living the Experience!!!

Darwin’s progress was evident. We are already beginning to think about his first flights with the Paramotor.

Sammy and Darwin showing some skills!!!

A visit to “El Farallon” with Free Flights in mind…

Later we picked up the equipment and decided to go to the Cliff of “El FarallΓ³n” to see if we could do a bit of Free Flight (without motor) with IvΓ‘n before closing 2020. The winds were coming from the North as expected, but unfortunately it was too strong for us to fly with security.

Only David went flying for a while and using his Paramotor 18 meter Apco F1 paraglider. He was assisted by Ivan on the way out, and to land he even had to use his speed bar to make a proper landing. Attempts by Ivan and Pablo were canceled. The wind was measured at over 20 mph+. Time to pack our gears…

πŸ‘‰Team Kamikazes at Top of the Cliff “El Farallon” Wind extreme…πŸ‘ˆ

In the end, all very happy with the adventures of the day that closed the activities of this 2020. Thank God for everything!!!.

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