Monday, December 28, 2020

This was our penultimate activity of 2020. It has been a very difficult year, but we have managed to continue working bringing joy and emotions to all those who come looking to feel that unique feeling of freedom that flying provides 😉.

Today was a very special day, we have very beautiful weather and skies to enjoy flights all day. The meeting point was the beautiful Villa Pesquera Isabela.

Setting a New Record…

We arrived there early, some Team Kamikazes pilots, new students to start or continue with their training sessions and many, many more looking to enter this fascinating world. Today we even established a new RECORD in Puerto Rico. We managed to do 28 Demo flights of people interested in entering the sport!!!. This breaks a mark of 24 that Luis Ruiz had been established in “Las Criollas” Beach in Barceloneta more than 10 years ago. (we need to find the exact date).

This time Luis had the help of Instructor David Garber and his wife Amara, who have been collaborating with him in recent weeks. Both are continuing to develop the sport on the island. Also from his son, Ian Darrell, who is training directly with Luis to become an Instructor in the near future.

Present at the activity, in addition to Luis, Ian Darrell, David and Amara were the pilots Alberto Sabah, Noel Vale, Ariel Rodriguez and his grandson Derick Castro, the students Hermes Ferrer, Enrique González, José Fuentes and Darwin Hernández starting training. Also, we had the unexpected visit from a former Kamikaze Team Pilot Oscar Acevedo. He is actually living in St. Thomas, BVI, and stopped by with some friends to share with the Team. Glad to see and share with him 🙂.

Luis was working directly with the students, while David and Ian were in charge of the Demo flights of new people interested in the sport.

The student Enrique González made his second flight of his short career, while Hermes and José with their practices get a little closer to try in the next few days. Also, we will surely pick up the pace with Darwin training in the next few days.

Darwin Hernandez First Practice.
Enrique Second Fly Ever…

In the case of Ariel and Derick… Ariel as normally happens, flew early in the morning, while Derick assisted him and wait for his turn to fly on ground. But when was Derick turns…, Ariel could forget to gets flying later in the day. Derick was flying all day until he burn all the gasoline that they carried for the day.

He knew that probably that was his last day of flying of the year, and he was counting every minute of it…, Alberto, Noel and Enrique join him on the sky, while Ariel kept in his private natural pool in the area.

Derick and Ariel, a lot of flights…

There were so many experiences and joy from new people in sport. We better leave here some videos and photos that best express the experiences on such a special day.

As always we thank God for these blessings that allows us to live 🙏.


Ezequiel Launch.
Keila Launch.
Keila Land.
Sonnoly Diaz Launch.
Sonnoly Land.
Nicole Land.
Juan and Alexandra Experience.
Lissy Story…
Amanda and her brother Experience.
Yari and Yuri, Twin sisters Experience…
Michelle Experience!!!
Paola Villanueva and Family, late afternoon…
Last Fly of the Day, Oscar Acevedo and St Thomas friends.


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