Friday, January 07, 2022 – More Demo Flights at Isabela…

Taking advantage of the excellent flight conditions, we returned to Villa Pesquera Isabela. We had previous commitments with new friends seeking to Live the Experience of flying in Paramotor.

Saying present by the family of pilots of Team Kamikazes were …

David Garber and his wife Amara
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell
Charles Riggs and his son Evan
Deron Freeman
José “Cheo” Román
Danis Rodriguez

New friends ready to live their experiences …

As we mentioned earlier, new friends arrived seeking to Live the Experience, . We had Noel Colon, accompanied by the girls, Luisa Ballén, Vanessa Castellanos, Isabela Gomez and Mariana Lara, all of them traveling from USA. Also arriving there was Lisa Victoria, a native of Panama. She is also very interested in taking Training in the near future.

Later in the day arrived, Jorge, who is a former helicopter pilot in Arizona, USA. He comes accompanied by his family and look to taste the feeling of the fly in a Paramotor. Also were present Arturo and María from San Juan and Darrell González, who came to live his flight experiences with his son Ian.

The flights…

The morning as expected was very active with flights. David Garber, Ian Darrell and Luis Ruiz were very active in conducting the Demo flights. We had a major challenge with the flight of Mariana, who had a bad knee and we took special care on her flight. Everyone had a great time in the air. The pilots Cheo, Charles, Evan, Deron and Danis accompanied us in the air, revealing a majestic Isabela along its entire beach coast.

Mario Muniz for his part was giving hard to the training in the process of joining us in the air soon.

After 1 PM, the wind conditions were increasing and we ended the activity. It was great during the morning and more and more people from all over the island and abroad know our sport, passion and the beauties of our island. Blessings 🙏!!!


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