Wednesday, January 05, 2022 – From some flights in the Morning to a Christmas Party in the afternoon…

We meet in the morning in Villa Pesquera Isabela to make some flights. We keep receiving the visit of international pilots to the island. This as a preamble to our traditional Team Kamikazes Christmas party to be held in the afternoon at the home of Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes.

The weather was good for flying. Saying present to the flight activity in Villa Pesquera were …

David Garber, his wife Amara and relatives of these visiting the island
Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell
Samuel Travis, his girlfriend Michelle, and relatives of these visiting the island
Alberto Sabah and his friend Victor
Deron Freeman, just arriving from Connecticut
Charles Riggs, his son Evan and family
José “Cheo” Román
Darwin Hernandez
Edgardo Rivera
Carlos Robles

David, Ian and Samuel were in charge of some Demo flights to relatives who came to share in our activity. This was possible until noon, when the winds, as usual at this time of year, became very strong for the enjoyment of the flights.

Part of Demo Flight Action!!!!

Cheo Román for his part flew all morning and continues to demonstrate his mastery in flights. He was accompanied by Luis Ruiz, Deron Freeman who arrived from Connecticut and quickly joined the Team’s activities and Charles and his son Evan. So, we fill the skies with paragliding 💪.

Luis Ruiz flying Over…

And we come to Darwin, (who will soon have to return to the USA to fulfill professional commitments). Well, Darwin was not the first to fly this time, but was the last to land. When everyone was packing the equipment to attend the Christmas party, Darwin continued flying and training his takeoffs and landings, over and over again 💪!!!

After 1 PM it was time to say present at …

Christmas party…

In addition to the group of pilots and friends previously mentioned, we were also joined by the party …

Pablo Cruz, his wife Millie and Pablo’s brothers, José and Luis
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Alberto Garcia
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Jessica Cruz (Luis’s wife) with little Noah Enrique
Mercedes Sabah (Alberto’s wife) with relatives
Deron Freeman and his family arriving from the USA
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn
Darwin Hernández with his daughter
Noel Colon and his wife Tata
Omar Colon, just arriving from a vacation abroad

Ricky and Ermelinda preparing to the Party…

As part of the holiday, we had a surprise birthday for David Garber, who had had his birthday a couple of days ago. This surprise was prepared by Amara, Jessica and the rest of the ladies of the Team.

The party, as expected, was great. Each and every one of those who met had a very pleasant time. Even Carlos Robles started practicing with Noah‘s mini paraglider !!!, There was a lot of food, drink and healthy sharing, and we keep looking WHO pushed Omar to the Pool 😎😎😎.

To all who said present, a thousand thanks. Especially to Alberto and Mercedes for bring and receive us in their home for such a special celebration. Blessings to everyone 🙏!!!

Video of the Day…


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