Wednesday, January 12, 2022- Students Day!!!

A good morning to fly and practice in Villa Pesquera Isabela. This time we have the arrival of New Students ready to learn to fly Paramotor at the Team Kamikazes school.

Student Angelo Ávila, who began his course last week, was returning with his girlfriend Genesis, who wanted to Live the flight Experience. Along with him were the new students Jomar Crespo from Isabela and Alexander Cruz from Vieques.

Among the community of pilots were presents, Luis Ruiz, David Garber and his wife Amara and sister Ayla who comes to practice!, Charles Riggs and his son Evan, José Cheo Román, Edgardo Rivera, Mario Muñiz and Alberto Sabah, who returned to the island last night and is now back with us.

David Garber, was doing some Demo Flights. First to Genesis, and then to Alberto Mora and his wife Corey, who was celebrating her birthday. They are natives of San Juan. While Luis Ruiz, assisted by Edgardo, gave instructions and lessons to new students.

At one point, Cheo Román, Charles, Evan and Edgardo were on the air. But the wind increased in intensity, so they had to took advantage of the morning. Due to the skills and control exhibited by Edgardo in recent weeks, he climbed to 4 stars in his flight level. Congratulations 💪!!!

Part of the Activity!!!!

Luis Ruiz was surprised by such good skills showed by new students. Angelo, Alexander and Jomar showed great abilities in their first paragliding control classes. They, together with Mario, who is perfecting his paragliding control technique took advantage of the intensity of the winds to carry out the practices using the Towing method. This was done by David Garber at the controls, while Luis gave instructions.

We leave at 2 PM, all the students exhausted from their practice day, which continues next weekend. Blessings!!!.


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