Saturday, January 15, 2022 – More Training to New Students…

Very active day in Isabela. This time we found that the intensity of the winds was very light, unlike past days where strong winds prevailed.

Among the plans for the day were continuing to teach new students, plus the arrival of a new student to join the classes. Later we continue with this story. Also, we had several Demo Flights pending for people who had come to Live their Experience, even, on this occasion, they even came from the island municipality of Vieques 😲.

Also, we had a Full house of pilots and friends from Team Kamikazes. Here we mention the Kamikaze family present in the activity…

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and sons Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
David Garber and his wife Amara
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Charles Riggs and his son Evan
Noel Vale
Sammy Badillo
Jomar Crespo (new student)
Keith Gould (new student)
Alexander Cruz (new student)
Kyle Hall, his wife Katherine, and their parents (who took the Demo Flight).

We can also mention the people who came to Live their Experience with us…

Daniel Fernández, Jimmy, Cataleya, Yilka, Yeitza and Carmen, all from Vieques.
Roman Distefano and Henrik Palmer from USA
Yahaira Natal from Juana Diaz
Joel and Cookie, from Aibonito and Aguadilla respectively
Jossie his wife Madeline and their daughter Yarelis from Arecibo

Living the Experience.

With the light winds, the Demo flights launch were complicated. David, Ian and Luis had to push themselves to the limit to get out with their flights. Even Luis, this time used an Apco Play42 Tandem Paraglider, which he had not used for a long time to facilitate his runway.

The first to fly were our friends from Vieques and little by little all the flights that were pending were made. Each and every one of those who went to Live their Experiences, were very happy with their experiences, thank God !!! Even Yahaira is strongly considering to take the Training to fly by herself.

Ian launching with Jimmy.
David Garber making a Low Pass.
Luis Ruiz launching with Carmen.
David Garber in a Big Run for Launch.

New Students.

Luis Ruiz was mostly on the day in charge of the training of the new students of the school. As we mentioned before, this new generation of students comes with many skills. Yomar performed practices that seemed to take days of practice. When asking him about his experiences, it turns out that Yomar has experiences in Kite Surfing and Skydiving. Obviously this helps a lot in its development. Also Alexander showed a lot of ability. Surely we will have them both very soon in the air 💪.

On the other hand, Mario continues to practice his frontal control with the paraglider and the progress is visible. Keith Gould, who lives in Canovanas, also began his training today. We were today covering the theoretical part. Due to the low prevailing wind, there was very little we could do today in the practices with the paraglider.

The View from Above…

Team Kamikazes pilots.

Noel, Sammy, Edgardo, Kyle, Charles and Evan were flying around showing great skills. They even had to manage to get out in light winds. Sammy also collaborated with Luis with some Demo flights and Jessica, bring some sandwiches to everyone at midday to the activity.

In other hand and place, the veteran Team Kamikazes pilot, Iván Torres, was with his wife Pamela and son Caleb in Cubuy, Canovanas, doing some Free Flight.

Ivan Torres at Cubuy.

We close the afternoon somewhat exhausted, but happy. And tomorrow we return to Isabela to continue the training of future new pilots. Blessings 🙏!!!


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