Saturday, April 16, 2022 – Lajas Valley…

Due to the strong winds that prevail on the north coast, we visit the Lajas Valley again. As usual, we have to get up early to be able to take advantage of the mornings in the place.

Edgardo and Wilnelia traveling very early in the morning…

The pilots who were present on this occasion were Edgardo Rivera along with his wife Wilnelia, Mario Muñiz and Luis Ruiz.

This time Luis choose to fly in his Trike, while Edgardo Took Off by the “Foot Launch” method. They both left without any problems. Edgardo showing how much he has improved in the past few months.

Luis Ruiz launching in the Trike!!!
Edgardo Take Off at First Attempt!!!

But Landing in zero wind and wet grass is another story. Luis using his Trike had no problem, but Edgardo preferred to land on his buttocks to avoid damage to his equipment 😂.

Landing of Luis…
Edgardo, making a Low Approximation!!!

At about 9:30 AM, and after Mario had practiced his front starts, we decided to pick up. Tomorrow, Sunday we will be in Hatillo. A very strong day awaits us. Thanks to God 🙏.


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