Sunday, April 17, 2022 – Stories of Eastern Day at Parque del Norte Hatillo…

Easter day, and Team Kamikazes was back at Parque del Norte in Hatillo. There was a surprise party, but first of all we indicated those present at the activity…

Team Kamikazes family present…

Mario Muñiz, his wife Ivonne, their son Jordan and grandson Betuel
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica, and children Ian Darrell (with his girlfriend Paola) and Noah Enrique
Carmelo Martinez and his wife Miriam
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn
Hermes Ferrer Sr and his wife Awilda
Sammy Badillo
Jose “Cheo” Roman
Ted Sowinsky

Living the Experience…

Ale Palacios and her boyfriend Tomas from Florida, USA
Shirley Ortiz and her husband Osvaldo from Lajas
The young kid, Leo, who was accompanied by his parents and his grandfather John from Hatillo

The Story …

The morning was the same as it has been through the last few weeks. Very strong winds. The flights need to be realized in the morning before it gets damaged later in the day.

Edgardo and Wilnelia Heading to the Activity very early in the morning.

Again Luis and his son Ian were in charge of the Demo flights. The flights of Ale, Tomas, Shirley, Osvaldo and Leo were carried out before finishing these activities due to the increased wind. Each and every one, very happy with their experiences, thank God 🙏.

Luis Ruiz Launching with Shirley Ortiz in High Winds Conditions.

The family…

It was very nice to receive again the visit of the former Kamikazes pilot Carmelo Martínez who came accompanied by his wife Miriam to share with us. Years had passed since his last visit 😊. Also, the pilot Ted Sowinski also arrived. He fulfilled professional commitments abroad, arrived in Puerto Rico at dawn and returned to activities the same morning.

The birthday…

The Kamikaze girls, led on this occasion by Ivonne, had a surprise birthday celebration for her son Jordan. As usual, not only we were there singing and eating cake, but Jordan also had to break the piñata.

Jordan and the Pinata…

Meanwhile, Pablo and Millie arrived at the activity with a BBQ grill, and several of us brought chicken and ribs, as well as some snacks and drinks to get us through the day. If were not possible to Fly, at least we shared in good form. Thanks to everyone who made their contribution to the BBQ, and especially to Chef Pablo 💪!!!

The flights…

Aside from Luis and Ian’s morning flights, only Edgardo was out flying in wind conditions that exceeded 20 mph+ with ease. In fact, Edgardo flew out with Luis’ sporty paraglider, the 18-meter BGD Luna 2. He was even doing agility tests, picking up coconuts with his feet while flying and taking them to the river 😃!!!

Edgardo Stories flying a 18 meters BGD Luna 2 in High Winds Conditions!!!!

Other active pilots were Ricardo and Mario, who with their sports paragliders could practice inflating in the strong wind.

Easter Day…

Beside the Birthday and BBQ, parts of the activities of the day includes the challenge to find “eggs” hidden in the surrounded area.The first game to find the “Eggs” were for the kids, But, later, in a second game, the eggs were collecting but for adults. Ivonne was in charge of putting gifts in the children’s eggs and Wilnelia placed gifts in the adult eggs, 😲 OMG…

In the afternoon we picked up, we couldn’t fly much, but everyone was happy for a day of healthy sharing. Blessings and Thanks to all that took some time to share with us 🙏!!!


Domingo 17 de abril 2022 El VIDEO@foryou #volarpr

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