Saturday, September 10, 2022 – Alcapurriada Time at Parque del Norte Hatillo.

We returned to Parque del Norte in Hatillo, but first we must comment on a couple of events that occurred during the week and that deserve to be mentioned.

Firstly, the pilot/student Abner Ramos already bought his equipment. Both Paramotor (HE Paramotores Moster 185) and Paragliding (BGD Luna 2 20 meters). With this, and Abner’s enormous ability, we will have him many more times in the air. And this activity of Hatillo corroborated it…

Abner and his new Equipment!!!!

The second story this week was about young Amy Williams, a native of Houston, Texas. She met with Instructor Luis Ruiz for a Demonstration flight on Wednesday, 07 and we tried in Isabela, Aguadilla and Anasco. We toured the 3 towns looking for flight possibilities, but if the wind wasn’t in the right position. The flight was postponed until the end of the year when Amy returns to the island…🙏

Amy Williams.

Now, back to Hatillo. This time we had again the delicious alcapurrias courtesy of Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie.

Pilots and Kamikazes family present…

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Mario Muñiz, his wife Ivonne and grandson Betuel
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Alberto Sabah, his wife Mercedes and daughter Jessica
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Dan Whitney
Tim Slauson
Manuel “Manny” Martinez
Abner Ramos
Sammy Badillo
Jose Luis Hernandez
Omar Colon

Live the Flight Experience…

Edil Damois with his girlfriend Maye
Papote Romero and his girlfriend Sobeyda

Edil and Papote are lifelong friends of Instructor Luis Ruiz from when they played Table Tennis together. This time Edil brought his girlfriend Maye to live his flight experience, which she enjoyed a lot. Subsequent attempts to get Papote flying later proved unsuccessful. Who knows maybe next time…🙂


The Birthdays…

Apart from the delicious alcapurrias offered by Pablo and Millie, we also had pending from last week the celebration of 2 birthdays. The birthdays of Wilnelia and Manny. And as usual, the two had to break the piñata at some point of the day.

Adventures of the Day in Hatillo…

A remarkable fact in the morning is that the pilot Alberto Sabah flew from the front yard of his house to reach the activity in Hatillo. That took him 1 hour and 15 minute flying upwind. Excellent!!! 💪

The wind conditions in Hatillo were set at about 12 mph in the morning, rising to about 18 mph in the afternoon. We lit up the sky with paragliders, Sammy, Tim, Ricardo, Edgardo, Mario, Abner, Alberto, Pablo and Luis making their flights.

In the case of Abner, as we mentioned before, he was brand new equipment. And on his first flight of the day, Abner kept flying for more than two-hour. A call from Luis alerted him that he had to land for fuel…😳

In the afternoon, several pilots decided to go cross country flying upwind in route to Arecibo. But this was a real challenge because the intensity of winds were from 15 to 20 mph. The pilots who carried out this adventure were Sammy, Edgardo, Luis, Abner and Mario. For both Mario and Abner it was their first cross flight in that area and in strong wind conditions. Awesome!!!💪

The idea of Return flying back to Isabela…

Late in the afternoon, Alberto had to fly back to Isabela and Edgardo joined him on the adventure. Unfortunately, by the time they were ready to leave, conditions had deteriorated too much to make the crossing impossible. The wind direction inclusive comes from inland, and big clouds getting too close for a safe fly.

After some waiting time. The wind lost its intensity and began to enter from the south. Attempts to take off in zero wind by Alberto and Edgardo were unsuccessful. Edgardo kept trying despite the recommendations not to continue, and ended up breaking part of his flight equipment 😕. Alberto finally returned home by car Transportation.

Video made by Edgardo Rivera…

In short, it was a great day with great friends. As always we thank Pablo and Millie for their details for the group. Also to the Kamikaze girls for always being attentive to details so that everyone felt at home and family.

Until next time. Blessings!!!🙏


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