Thursday, January 12, 2023 – Two (2) New Pilots, coming from our school. Father and Son… Congratulations!!!

The moment just arrived for the students of the school, Luis Vélez and his son Bebo. Today was the day that Instructor Luis Ruiz, if he observed that everything was going well, would make them try or make their first “solo” flights. Together with Luis Ruiz and the students were the pilots Sammy Badillo (had to leave early due to work commitments), Ted Sowinski, Mario Muniz and his wife Ivonne (taking Videos). In fact, Mario was making adjustments to his SkyMax EOS100 Paramotor, and testing it, goes all the way to an altitude of 3,500 ft.

For the students’ flight, Luis chose for them to fly the noble 26-meter BGD Luna 2 paraglider, together with a reliable SkyMax EOS100 Paramotor. This is very reliable and light, ideal for a first “solo” flight. The weather was excellent, and both Luis Vélez and Bebo spent part of the morning acclimatizing to this new and docile paraglider. This one is very different from the fast and agile 14m BGD Seeds that they have been practicing in the past few weeks.

Green Light…

The weather was excellent, and both Luis Vélez and Bebo were already mastering the control of the paragliding both in reverse and forward positions. So, Luis Ruiz gave the Green Light for Luis Vélez to try first.

But Luis Vélez quickly discovered that it was one thing to practice paragliding, and another to practice it with the Paramotor on his back and turned it on…😏 After several attempts to control the paraglider with the Paramotor on his Back, we need to took a break. Luis Velez was tired… Then it was Bebo‘s turn.

Bebo Take Off…

Bebo, had better control of the paraglider on ground. With the assistance and instructions from Luis Ruiz, he Take Off relative easy. Then, he was flying around the Coast, as discussed with the Instructor. The fly last some 40 minutes, and his landing was also excellent. Congratulations!!!.

Luis Velez after some Rest…

Now Luis Vélez was rest, and again we were going to try his Take Off. This time Luis Vélez was better prepared. And with the direct assistance of Luis Ruiz, he also Take Off. His fly lasted some 40 minutes and his landing was smooth as well. Congratulations!!!!

Luis Velez Take Off. Video by Ivonne!!!

Both father and son were very happy with the experiences they had during the day. It was not for less. We hope this is the first of many more flights for both with the family of Team Kamikazes pilots.

Again, Congratulations 💪!!!


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