Friday, March 10, 2023 – New Friends from Texas Living their Experience of Flying.

We head to Villa Pesquera Isabela early in the morning, and for our surprise, the wind direction when we arrived was active and coming from the North. This favored conditions of many lifts along the entire beach coast, ideal for Free Flight in the Cliff. And just the International pilot David Pugh took advantage of these conditions to Free Fly the Cliff all morning.

In Villa Pesquera, the pilots Luis Ruiz, Mario Muñiz and Alberto Sabah were present. Even Alberto arrived flying from his front yard at hos house. Both kept flying all morning and also were given support to Luis who was fulfilling Demo Flight commitments.

Luis’ Demo Flight people came this time from Texas, Nicole Webb and her friends Santai, Cristina and Manny. Each and every one of them flew with Luis and enjoyed their experience of fly and took a little more of the beauty of our island with them in their memories.

Part of Cristina’s Experience!!!
From Diapers to Hammock!!!!
Santai, enjoying her Fly.


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