Wednesday, March 08, 2023 – A unexpected Epic Day of Flying in Aguada (and part of Rincon).

Sometimes as part of our flight adventures, we had the pleasure to Live special and unforgettable days. Today was one of those days… The meeting point was the Pico de Piedra Beach in Aguada.

In the afternoon, Luis Ruiz, who is a native of Aguada, observed that the conditions to fly from Pico de Piedra were ideal. Thus, he took his little son Noah Enrique to practice with his paraglider in the sand and at the same time invited his friend Mario Muñiz along with his wife Ivonne to come and if is possible goes flying all the way to the Nuclear Plant in Rincon. (Luis also invited Alberto Sabah and Sammy Badillo, but they couldn’t arrive on time).

Little Noah showing Mastery with the Paraglider.

In the case of Mario, this would be his first time flying on that beach. The chances of flying to the Rincón Nuclear Plant were great.

Also with the arrival of Ivonne, Luis would accompany Mario on the flight along the entire coast without the hurry to check for Noah. Also some minutes later, surprisingly, Ian Darrell joined the activity. So, there would be 3 pilots flying around the Coast.

The wind was coming in from the NNW direction at about 5-8 mph, and clear sky. Ideal to fly the entire coast from Rincón to Aguadilla without worry about unexpected turbulence.

Luis Ruiz Take Off first, followed by Mario, and then Ian Darrell. We flew for more than a hour and landed at sunset.

Luis Ruiz Taking Off.
Noah practicing and Mario getting Ready.
Mario Muniz Taking Off…
Ian Darrell Taking Off…

At one point, Ivonne, decide to practice a bit with the Paraglider, with the help of his young Instructor Noah Enrique!!!

Ivonne in Training!!!

Here we leave some Photos and a Video of this Epic day. God Bless 🙏!!!


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