Sunday, April 30, 2023 – Isabela, flying around Beach Tennis at Posa Teodoro III and Last…

We continue to enjoy excellent flying weather, very different from last year when it was very windy. Once again we had a large number of pilots and family from Team Kamikazes and we were basically flying all day.

Pilots and Team Kamikazes Family

Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Abdiel Galarza, his wife Jacqueline and family
Sammy Badillo
Charles Riggs
Robert Rodriguez

Arriving to Live the Flight Experience

Carmen Mena, from Quebradillas, being accompanied by friends from Mexico
John Diaz repeating his visit brought us his wife Brenda and son Angel
Raquel Ramírez from San Juan on her birthday, accompanied by her daughter Caterina

The Action…

Charles, Sammy, Luis, Pablo and Mario take off and fly early in the morning. Today was the last day of the Beach Tennis event at Posa de Teodoro, and with good weather, it was a must to go there.

Also, the Instructor Luis Ruiz was very active giving the experience of the fly in Paramotor to new friends from different parts who came to live their experiences. Each of them at the end, carrying a unique and unforgettable memory, and that’s what it’s all about…

Carmen Mena arrived with her friends from Mexico!!!
Raquel Ramirez celebrating her Birthday!!!

In the afternoon we ended the activity, with a Robert Rodríguez flight. A storm clouds and strong winds were getting close very fast, and that told us it was time to pick up.

In the end it was a very active weekend with many healthy flights. We thank all the people who took a little of their time to share with us. Many blessings and see you soon!!!


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